Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bike Update

As of 2pm on New Year's Eve I've got 378.1 miles left until I hit my 1000 mile goal .... and only 5 weeks to knock them out.
That's 75.62 miles a week.
Just under 11 miles a day.
I have pulled off a couple of high mileage days lately but I still don't know if I have it in me.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Just a wee bit terrified ...

Weighing in tomorrow for the restart. It's going to be ugly. I could put it off, of course, but my FiloFax is all set and ready to go for having Saturday weigh-ins thanks to me getting super bored and, therefore, semi-productive at work last night.
So far I've made custom section dividers that double as monthly calendars, the pre-dated weights & measurements sheets for all of 2014 (and tomorrow), goal sheets for each month, and lunch planning/idea sheets for over at What's In Our Lunch Bags?
I have a ton of lined paper for it, too, that I already have a tendency to use for recipes and random notes. I may make actual recipe sheets, though. Or something else. Not tonight, though, since I'm getting a bit burned out and I need to hit the bike still.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Onward and, well, onward!

Christmas is officially over and, for many, that means a week of cramming trying to come with their resolutions for New Year's. Normally I don't bother because I don't have any faith in myself for sticking with them past a week ... but I do have some ideas if I was going to make resolutions which I'll share with you in the next day or so ... and one big suggestion as to something that could help you with keeping yours which I'll share with you now!

I have to warn you that this may come off as one enormous advertisement for Amazon and, in a way, it is. After all, the links here will all be hooked up with my affiliate account and I do earn a fraction of purchases made ... but you're cool with that, right? Most of what I bring in from Amazon goes straight back to them by way of other affiliate links from other blogs so it's just sharing the love.


My biggest recommendation for helping out with your resolutions (whether they be for New Year's or some random Thursday or whatever): an Amazon Prime membership. An annual membership is currently $79 but if you're new to the program you can sign up and get a free trial month so that's 13 months for $79 ... or only pennies over $6 a month. Less than Hulu+ ... less than Netflix ... and SO totally worth it. Even during the trial period you can (copied directly from Amazon):
* Instantly watch over 40,000 movies and TV episodes with titles for everyone
* Borrow books from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library
* Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping with no minimum order size

So. How is this supposed to be able to help with those resolutions?

If you have a Kindle you can borrow over 350,000 books. Cookbooks. Health and fitness books. Best sellers to read while treadmilling or biking. Whatever. No due date. No hassle. The only downside I see with the entire Prime deal is that the book borrowing is only good if you have an actual Kindle and not just the Kindle app. (I've actually considered buying one just to take advantage of this!)

And the free two-day shipping? Who doesn't love that? ESPECIALLY since Amazon sells just about everything. Fitness gear. Clothing. Gadgets. Electronics (big and small). Food (even for special dietary needs like gluten-free). Books. Movies. CDs. You name it -- they probably have it. As long as it ships through them it can be on your doorstep in two (business) days.

My absolute favorite part of Prime, though: the videos.

The instant video selection is amazing. I have access to Hulu+ and Netflix as well as apps through my cable company, but Amazon is typically my go-to when I'm on my bike nowadays. Their movie selection is pretty similar to that of Netflix from what I've seen but I'm more in love with the shows/seasons that they have like my beloved Downton Abbey & Mr. Selfridge that I can rewatch almost as often as I can rewatch Doctor Who (which they also have), practically every Nickelodeon show ever (or at least the ones my 7 year old cares about -- and some that are new to him like the good ol' classic Doug), and Daria. What kind of geek girl would I be if I didn't have a long-standing obsession with her?!?

But the BEST part of Amazon Prime's Instant Videos? They have stuff like this:

Yep. Jillian Michaels can kick your butt in the privacy of your own home for thirty days for free with the trial membership ... and, of course, longer after that if you decide to stick with Prime. There are others too -- Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr, tons of yoga and tai chi. I have the Amazon Instant Video on my iPad and have been tempted more than a couple of times to pull up one of their workout videos while at work. All I need to do is remember to do so away from view of our security cameras. Heck, I even did a #doodleaday over my love for their selection!

Haven't convinced you that Prime will rock your socks (Amazon sells those, too, by the way)? Don't forget there's that FREE 30 DAY TRIAL you can sign up for. Decide for yourself and reap the benefits for a month ...

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Just saying ....

Christmas Week just isn't Christmas Week without a massive amount of Doctor Who (says the girl who just watched 5 episodes in a row).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

*big big yawn*

I'm not sure why I'm so flipping tired today but hopefully I'll snap out of it soon because in just a couple of hours we'll be out and about and busy busy busy! Today is the day we're going down to the local Museum of Science & Technology for the domed IMAX viewing of The Polar Express and some fun checking out the exhibits after the fact. We did the movie there last year, too, so it's becoming a tradition ... and John and I have done the exhibit hall before but Tom never has so we're all looking forward to it. If, of course, I can manage to get a burst (or 5) of energy.

Of course it's just the beginning of an exhausting week.

Tom is on vacation from work this week but I still get to do my third shift fun Monday-Thursday ... plus Christmas Eve with the in-laws and the Day After Christmas fun with my side. By the time I get out of work Friday morning I'll be a zombie. Tis the season, right?

On the upside (because there's always an upside -- I refuse for there not to be), I've been getting some good bike time in. Last night I lost track of what I was doing and next thing I knew I was over 15 miles. My eating has been pretty horrid and I'm afraid to even look at the scale. I fully suspect that once I do my gazillionth restart after Christmas it won't be pretty ... not worrying about it now, though.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why oh why isn't it 7am yet?

It's 2:10am so just under 5 hours to go to my work night and what am I doing? Blogging (obviously), searching for recipes (thanks to Erin from My Nebraska Life for the hint on how to kill the Pinterest hits!), and coming up with ideas for lunches. And to do that? Well, that actually became a doodle!!! (I know -- I've slacked on blogging them but I HAVE been doing them!)
Yep. I plan most of my lunches (well, my "fun" blog lunches) by watching my iPad Mini. Last night was Poirot on Amazon Instant... but tonight is Eureka on Netflix (I miss that show SO much) so I'm pretty sure we can expect to see Sheriff Carter & crew over at What's In Our Lunch Bags? soon. 

And I now have ten minutes less to kill.

Someone stab me with a fork to keep me awake, okay?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One of those days ...

You know ... the ones where you wish you could just curl up with your pjs and a good book and stay under the covers indefinitely??? Alas, that is not to be. After getting home from work this morning I had to get John ready and off to school ... which included waiting outside for his bus with him in 5 degree temperature BEFORE wind chill. And oooooh was there ever wind chill! We literally stayed huddled together facing the other direction from where the bus would be coming from because if we stood where we could actually watch for it the wind and snow would have frozen our faces off. HALF AN HOUR we stood there before they came to get him. Typically it's about 10 minutes tops. If it's that awful tomorrow I'm turning him around and walking him back home and he gets a personal snow/freeze-your-face off day. Luckily the afternoon bus is FAR more reliable for timing and the weather isn't nearly as dreadful.

Oh, and am I the only one who has noticed that Pinterest has kinda killed the ability to Google for recipe sites? People keep pinning the same damn stuff and that pushes the actual sites you might want to discover waaaaaaaaay down the list of Googley goodness. I went looking last night at work for low carb crock pot recipes and kept getting slammed with Pinterest pages. Granted, I added to the problem by Pinning some that looked good on my own ... but, still. Is there some way we can filter Pinterest OUT of Google searches? Anyone know?

I may or may not get on the bike today. I know, right? After being all excited about getting over the halfway-hump I slack. Rest days are important, though. Or so I'm told.

Off to get the little ....

The good news is ...

I'm more than half way to my 1,000 mile goal! As of about 12 hours ago I only have 490 miles left to go. It may actually happen!

What's NOT happening is everything else. Still. I know I said I was going to go all cliche and not worry about the other stuff til New Years ... but I still fret. It's in my psychotic little nature.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I think I may just throw my scale out the window .... which would be a pity because it's fairly new and I am quite fond of it. 
Maybe I'M the problem! 
I know it's totally cliche to do a restart at New Year's .... but I think that may be what needs to be done here. 
Except for the bike, of course.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I told you there would be stress ...

It's been a few days thanks to all the craziness but, for the most part, we've survived.

The party Saturday only had one meltdown from John but the fun I made sure we had before and after helped to make up for it, I think.

Sunday he got knocked for a loop with a nasty cough and cold. That kept him home from school on Monday and probably should have today, too (Tuesday). We thought he was okay enough but as soon as his cough/cold medicine wore off part way through the day it all went down hill. I got woken up by a call from the school nurse giving me the heads up and we decided then that he'd be staying home tomorrow... just in case.

For ME, well, things just kinda are.

As of today there are 9 weeks left to my Choose Your Own Challenge. The scale read pretty much the same damn thing today that it did when we started ... BUT I'm down to only needing 540 miles to hit the 1000 mile goal. It'll definitely be a challenge hitting it but I'm going to keep trying.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sensory Overload Day (#2oclock #doodleadaydec)

This afternoon John has been invited to a birthday party at an indoor amusement park dealie ... aka "Sensory Overload Hell." When I told him about where the party will be he was a little worried. He knows he doesn't deal well in certain situations. We'll be okay, though, since I've got a plan for us to take off before he hits the danger level. We'll hit the Disney Store and GameSpot and maybe the food court and have even more fun!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

STRESS!!! *#!&* (#lights #doodleadaydec)

I absolutely love the Maya Angelou quote on today's doodle... and at the same time I'm real glad she doesn't know me because she may not be overly impressed with how I handle stress.
The next three days are going to be trying for me. Tonight John has a chorus concert... which starts when I'm normally already sleeping and he's normally on his way to bed. Then I get to work tonight. Tomorrow he only has a half day of school because of teacher development whatever so my normal nap when he's in school will be cut short... if it even happens at all. THEN Saturday afternoon I have to take him out to the mall for a birthday party for the kid who lives around the corner.
By Saturday evening I'll be a zombie.
And probably pretty snippy.
I'm hoping to squeeze out the time and energy to hit the bike somewhere in there to release some of the angst. Right now,  though, I'll just hit the pillow so I can catch a nap while I still can.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Needing a playlist (#doodleadaydec #season)

I wish I brought my laptop to work tonight because I'm in the mood for a holiday playlist... and my ipod is currently lacking. I've got a ton of holiday songs on it but not organized. I have plans,  though,  and the glorious Kay Thompson will be making two appearances. Well, her music will be anyway.

One, her "Jingle Bells" as done by Michael W. Smith:

And one of my absolute favorites, "Holiday Season" ... which I only own in a medley with "Happy Holiday" from the amazing Manhattan Transfer. I know I used to have the Andy Williams version ... I may need to hit up Amazon just for the nostalgia factor.

It even became my doodle for the day!

Of course, recommendations are always welcome if you have a favorite classic (or not) you think I need!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Drawing inspiration from an unlikely source (#full #doodleadaydec)

I adore Mark Addy and have ever since the first time I saw The Full Monty. I've been thinking about the whole intake issue all day and keep coming back to one bit from the movie between Addy's character, Dave, and Steve Huison's Lomper:
I've always had a horrible battle with not eating enough and then gaining (or at least maintaining) my weight regardless of how much I work out. It's something I really need to keep better track of between my BodyMedia and MyFitnessPal. If I get too much of a deficit, I'm screwed. If I get too low of a deficit, I'm screwed. I need to find my sweet spot... even if that means that some days I'll stuff myself.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Making a #change (#doodleadaydec)

So it's December and my weight loss has been ... well ... practically non-existent. My activity has been up a LOT thanks to my bike challenge for myself but the scale hasn't been playing nicely. I need to do some tweaking with my intake but I really don't know yet what or how. I am changing my weighin day back to Sundays,  though. Maybe that will keep my Fridays and Saturdays in check better than they have been.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful on the morning after ...

... that I survived Thanksgiving without eating everything I could get my hands on. I actually ended up with a decent deficit!

... for the coffee dispenser at work that saves me from having to make multiple pots to keep me toasty and awake.

... for light snowfalls that still require shoveling the walks at work but don't break my back in the process.

... that the #doodleadaydec list was posted on Tuesday! My mind is already working on what I want to do for some days!
 ... that, along with the #doodleadaydec I think I'm going to try and turn each one into an actual blog post. Shouldn't be too difficult and would get me back in the habit of blogging regularly again (and the NaBloPoMo prompts tend to bore me silly).

... that today is Friday and I get to sleep for the next three nights ... for more than three hours at a pop ... in my own cozy bed!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Me? Out of shape? Well, yeah ...

We got Johnny (and us) a Wii for Christmas and ended up giving it to him early so he would shut his trap about the new XBox .... and then Tom went and got ME an early present of Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum (<-- Yes, it's an affiliate link. Deal.). I woke up from my nap earlier than I had planned so got weighed and measured. No change from last week. Still up a pound from the week before. Scooted over to the store to grab some stuff & then came home and set up the "game."

This is NO game.

I only managed about 10 minutes of ass-kicking before I had to admit defeat.

Jillian is going to make me cry on a regular basis ... and now I want the balance board so she can make it even worse! (I can do the balance board exercises without it, of course, but it would be easier with because it lets you know when you're doing it wrong.)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A challenging November ...

So besides the Choose Your Own Challenge, I decided that I wanted to do a photo-a-day type challenge for November, as well. I did one for October via IG and loved it ... but when I went to the same site to look for November's prompt list I didn't see one so I went digging. I found lots that jumped out at me but settled on the one at fatmumslim and the one that will be be taking me WAY out of my comfort zone from ellolovey at Rhi-Creations.

It's a doodle-a-day challenge instead of just a photo-a-day challenge.
If it's not food art, I'm not an artist.

This kinda scares me.

That being said, I'm already having fun with it and I've only done two doodles so far! (Well, only two worthy of posting.) Sure, I'll look through and see the other posters are freaking AMAZING and I'm pretty much "meh" ... but I'm still having fun.

If we're friends on Facebook you may see them there ... otherwise they'll all get posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Friday...

This week has been SO bad for food. Well, not the whole week ... just the past few days where I've wanted to eat everything in site. It's not a common occurrence, thankfully. The upside, though, is that I've still gotten in some decent bike time and as of right now I've got 817 miles to go until I hit my 1000. Didn't get on yesterday thanks to Halloween & have yet to get on today but I will soon and since John has a friend over to play I really don't have much else to do but pedal and watch tv on my ipad.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Okay. I suck.

At blogging, anyway. To be fair to myself, this has been a rough week. Monday I found out that a friend from high school had passed away in her sleep Sunday. I'm still not processing that information too well and today is her funeral. Sadly I'll have to miss it because of bus schedules -- both to get me to and from AND John getting home from school.

I've been slammed with overtime again but, hopefully, after next weekend that should be done.

Doing well with the bike. Just over 850 miles left to go by February 4th. Piece of cake ... I think.

Monday, October 21, 2013


I could have sworn I had written something since Tuesday ....
Too exhausted to do it now, though.
Stupid overtime is killing me ....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 1 Done! #ChooseYourOwnChallenge

So far I have ....

60.5 miles of 1000 logged on the bike

Gained 1.2 pounds on the scale

Lost half an inch off my waist and half an inch off my hips

Had only one night off from work instead of the normal 3

Had several days off 1000+ calorie deficits. My body doesn't deal well with more than 750 :/

Can't wait to see what this week has in store!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And so it begins ....

Today is the first day of Choose Your Own Challenge AND the first day for weighing in with my new scale! It even has its very own permanent home in my closet that, with Tom's help, got torn up (he had the knife and knowhow to remove the carpet without bodily damage):
the closet
 the motivation hanging over the mirror
the happy happy weighin!!!

I admit -- I didn't believe it at first so I recalibrated the scale and tried again. Still the same!!!

Nothing yet for the bike today but I've only been up for just over an hour and had to eat and get laundry going and such. After I get John off the bus and we get his homework done THEN I'll hit the bike!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tomorrow's the day!!!

Tomorrow is still the official start date for Choose Your Own Challenge even though the Biggest Loser premiere has been delayed until the 15th. The Facebook group is up and going and I'm ready to go go go!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

I love this ...

Yes. I'm oohing and aahing over my BodyBugg again. When I did the whole Bugg-thing the first time around it was still managed by Apex and while I loved it dearly the website lacked. A lot. Of course, I didn't fully realize it at the time.

And now the BodyBuggs (at least the v3s and SPs) pretty much operate exactly the same as BodyMedia devices and use the BodyMedia website for the oohs and aahs ... and I LOVE the oohs and aahs!

Right now it's 9:45pm Friday night. A little bit ago I got done with my hour on the recumbent and synced up on my phone then uploaded to the website (and MyFitnessPal -- yet another added bonus). On work nights I can see my grand totals immediately because I'm still up and going when the date changes. My nights off I actually get to sleep like a normal person so miss out on the change .... but not on the data!
All I need to do is hover over the shaded area on my burned line and it tells me my grand total estimate! When I first looked at it I saw that it would turn my Net calories too low for comfort so I grabbed a snack. All I needed was some Peanut Butter & Company White Chocolate Wonderful (and wonderful it is) smeared on a banana and I was good to go again!

I'm feeling an almost overwhelming urge to hop on the scale in the morning. I weighed in on Saturdays for an awfully long time ... the whole Tuesday thing only started because of a sudden surge of inspiration that happened on a Tuesday and the whole Biggest Loser thing ... but I really want to tomorrow. So I think I will.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep moving forward...

those were the wise words my 7 year old gave me yesterday when I was on the verge of tears over seeing a gain on the scale. "It'll catch up ... just keep moving forward." I love it when he channels Bob Harper AND Walt Disney all at the same time.

Speaking of Bob Harper, less than a week to go before the return of Biggest Loser ... AND the start of Choose Your Own Challenge! (The Facebook group has started -- if you want in and haven't been added, let me know!!!)

I figured out my goal for the challenge! 1000 miles on the bike!

And now ... in case the song isn't stuck in your head yet ...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Eep! (aka: where I freakout about tomorrow's #weighin)

So yesterday I said that I wasn't expecting anything come Tuesday's weigh-in but I woke up this morning with the realization that it isn't true.

I'm fully expecting a gain.

I've been working out a LOT more and eating a WHOOOOOOOOOLE lot more because I keep reading about how we should net our BMR at the very least.... which is hard for me to hit WITHOUT exercise. Add in several hundred calories worth of busting my butt on the bike?

I need to find some higher calorie foods.

So what do you do?
Do YOU net your BMR?
Do you even know what yours is?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

First week back with my Bugg

I'm still in the "relearning" phase with my Bugg it seems. I AM becoming more aware of what I eat based on what I burn .... but the "what I burn" gets a bit confusing because of my bike. I've read "wear it on your leg." I've read "DON'T EVER wear it on your leg" (in spite of seeing them do it on Biggest Loser). I've read "take it off and enter it manually." I have no problem with the idea of taking it off when I'm on my bike. (It has to charge sometime, after all.) But then I go to look at where to enter it manually and THAT confuses me, too! LOL!!! Oh, and then there's this blurb from the BodyMedia help pages (click to enlarge it ... it basically says to slide it down the arm further for stationary bikes).
My mind is boggled but in spite of that I'm sooooooooo glad I've decided to strap it back on!

I don't weigh in until Tuesday afternoon and it's been SO hard to stay off the scale for just a sneaky peek. I'm not expecting anything come Tuesday. My body's in a relearning phase too. Right?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Challenge Is ON!

This will not be your standard Biggest Loser type of challenge.

Some people don't have scales so they judge by measurements and fit.

Some people don't even have to lose weight (I'm not one of them) but are aiming to get healthier in other ways. 

Maybe you want to fit into that pair of skinny jeans you've been eyeing. 
Maybe you're training for a race. 
Maybe you want to cut artificial stuff out of your eating. 


This is going to be a Choose Your Own Adventure sort of challenge (I loved those books growing up!).
I'm thinking right now that the best bet would be to run it primarily through here with Challengers sending updates to me via email or Facebook or Twitter or whatever. After all, some people don't have blogs. I'm more than willing to start a group on Facebook for added support and connection for anyone who wants it!

As for the tie-in to The Biggest Loser? Well, that will only be with the start and end dates -- October 8th to February 4. That will get us through the dreaded holiday season and well into 2014. While most people are making resolutions we'll be getting ready to celebrate our accomplishments and the end of our adventure!


What will YOUR challenge be?

Anyone up for a challenge?

Waaaaaay back when I took part in a Biggest Loser Blogger Challenge and it was pretty danged awesome (in spite of the fact that I wasn't). I've been scouring the web to see if there was something similar going on this time around since the season premiere is right around the corner but have yet to see anything.

The season is 17 weeks long from October 8-February 4. (I'm assuming there probably won't be episodes airing Christmas Eve or New Years Eve). I think that would be an excellent length for a challenge ... how about you? (you know, all 3 of you who ever actually read my blog)

Even without the bike...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's a no-bike day!

I'm beat and need a rest day, I guess, so no bike workout. It's okay, though, since I'm also having a hard time getting all of my calories in for consumption and will still fit my deficit for the day unless someone hands me a pint of Ben & Jerry's.... which won't happen. I do have an almost-pint of lowfat cookies & cream in the freezer that I have every intention of taking to work tonight .... but even if I eat the whole thing that's only 350 calories and I still have another 500ish on TOP of that to hit my goal. I'm thinking it's probably not going to happen.

Big deficits scare me.

Part of me feels like I should eat more on days like this.  
Part of me feels like I would explode if I tried.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ooooh so happy!

Two weeks in a row of finally losing.
I'm so afraid I'll jinx it by being this damn happy....

Monday, September 23, 2013

My first full day with my Bugg

It wasn't stellar .... but I had a great burn which made the fact that my food wasn't great not as bad as it could have been. We went to a local farm that has a LOT of walking involved (including a corn maze) .... but it also has a grill tent and a snack bar and I tracked the best I could. It's not easy when you don't know exactly what things are and how they're made. I may have done better than it looks. I may have done worse.
Tonight I go back to work and tomorrow I have my weigh-in. I don't know if yesterday is going to throw that off but we had fun (John, especially). We'll see how it goes!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

How Karen's Getting Her Groove Back

Figuratively and literally.

Today I stalked my mail man.
 Because I knew that somewhere on his truck he had this:
 And now I'm all charged up, set up, synced up, and ready to go!

I'm actually looking forward to the Bugg-shaped groove appearing on my arm again. It's almost like a war-wound.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to basics ... and back to blogger ...

Blame it on the cold/flu thing that's been infecting my brain for the past several days .... but I'm back to blogger! It seems to fit since I'm also getting back to basics with the whole journey. Tracking, exercise, and even strapping thee ol' BodyBugg back on (hopefully tomorrow!). The Facebook page remains the same. The domain should remain the same assuming I figured out the settings correctly. Really, the only thing to change is, well, everything else ;)