Sunday, September 29, 2013

First week back with my Bugg

I'm still in the "relearning" phase with my Bugg it seems. I AM becoming more aware of what I eat based on what I burn .... but the "what I burn" gets a bit confusing because of my bike. I've read "wear it on your leg." I've read "DON'T EVER wear it on your leg" (in spite of seeing them do it on Biggest Loser). I've read "take it off and enter it manually." I have no problem with the idea of taking it off when I'm on my bike. (It has to charge sometime, after all.) But then I go to look at where to enter it manually and THAT confuses me, too! LOL!!! Oh, and then there's this blurb from the BodyMedia help pages (click to enlarge it ... it basically says to slide it down the arm further for stationary bikes).
My mind is boggled but in spite of that I'm sooooooooo glad I've decided to strap it back on!

I don't weigh in until Tuesday afternoon and it's been SO hard to stay off the scale for just a sneaky peek. I'm not expecting anything come Tuesday. My body's in a relearning phase too. Right?

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