Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keep moving forward...

those were the wise words my 7 year old gave me yesterday when I was on the verge of tears over seeing a gain on the scale. "It'll catch up ... just keep moving forward." I love it when he channels Bob Harper AND Walt Disney all at the same time.

Speaking of Bob Harper, less than a week to go before the return of Biggest Loser ... AND the start of Choose Your Own Challenge! (The Facebook group has started -- if you want in and haven't been added, let me know!!!)

I figured out my goal for the challenge! 1000 miles on the bike!

And now ... in case the song isn't stuck in your head yet ...


  1. Loved that extra on the Doctor Who dvd! Tennant is a huge fan of that band! Great goal! I think you can absolutely do that! Sorry about the scale being a P.O.S. I'm having a rough weigh in day too.

  2. Nice segue from biking to Doctor Who. Very admirable! :)

    1. Thanks! I can turn just about anything into a Doctor Who reference ;)