Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankful on the morning after ...

... that I survived Thanksgiving without eating everything I could get my hands on. I actually ended up with a decent deficit!

... for the coffee dispenser at work that saves me from having to make multiple pots to keep me toasty and awake.

... for light snowfalls that still require shoveling the walks at work but don't break my back in the process.

... that the #doodleadaydec list was posted on Tuesday! My mind is already working on what I want to do for some days!
 ... that, along with the #doodleadaydec I think I'm going to try and turn each one into an actual blog post. Shouldn't be too difficult and would get me back in the habit of blogging regularly again (and the NaBloPoMo prompts tend to bore me silly).

... that today is Friday and I get to sleep for the next three nights ... for more than three hours at a pop ... in my own cozy bed!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Me? Out of shape? Well, yeah ...

We got Johnny (and us) a Wii for Christmas and ended up giving it to him early so he would shut his trap about the new XBox .... and then Tom went and got ME an early present of Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum (<-- Yes, it's an affiliate link. Deal.). I woke up from my nap earlier than I had planned so got weighed and measured. No change from last week. Still up a pound from the week before. Scooted over to the store to grab some stuff & then came home and set up the "game."

This is NO game.

I only managed about 10 minutes of ass-kicking before I had to admit defeat.

Jillian is going to make me cry on a regular basis ... and now I want the balance board so she can make it even worse! (I can do the balance board exercises without it, of course, but it would be easier with because it lets you know when you're doing it wrong.)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A challenging November ...

So besides the Choose Your Own Challenge, I decided that I wanted to do a photo-a-day type challenge for November, as well. I did one for October via IG and loved it ... but when I went to the same site to look for November's prompt list I didn't see one so I went digging. I found lots that jumped out at me but settled on the one at fatmumslim and the one that will be be taking me WAY out of my comfort zone from ellolovey at Rhi-Creations.

It's a doodle-a-day challenge instead of just a photo-a-day challenge.
If it's not food art, I'm not an artist.

This kinda scares me.

That being said, I'm already having fun with it and I've only done two doodles so far! (Well, only two worthy of posting.) Sure, I'll look through and see the other posters are freaking AMAZING and I'm pretty much "meh" ... but I'm still having fun.

If we're friends on Facebook you may see them there ... otherwise they'll all get posted on Instagram and Twitter.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Friday...

This week has been SO bad for food. Well, not the whole week ... just the past few days where I've wanted to eat everything in site. It's not a common occurrence, thankfully. The upside, though, is that I've still gotten in some decent bike time and as of right now I've got 817 miles to go until I hit my 1000. Didn't get on yesterday thanks to Halloween & have yet to get on today but I will soon and since John has a friend over to play I really don't have much else to do but pedal and watch tv on my ipad.