Saturday, November 2, 2013

A challenging November ...

So besides the Choose Your Own Challenge, I decided that I wanted to do a photo-a-day type challenge for November, as well. I did one for October via IG and loved it ... but when I went to the same site to look for November's prompt list I didn't see one so I went digging. I found lots that jumped out at me but settled on the one at fatmumslim and the one that will be be taking me WAY out of my comfort zone from ellolovey at Rhi-Creations.

It's a doodle-a-day challenge instead of just a photo-a-day challenge.
If it's not food art, I'm not an artist.

This kinda scares me.

That being said, I'm already having fun with it and I've only done two doodles so far! (Well, only two worthy of posting.) Sure, I'll look through and see the other posters are freaking AMAZING and I'm pretty much "meh" ... but I'm still having fun.

If we're friends on Facebook you may see them there ... otherwise they'll all get posted on Instagram and Twitter.

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