Sunday, December 22, 2013

*big big yawn*

I'm not sure why I'm so flipping tired today but hopefully I'll snap out of it soon because in just a couple of hours we'll be out and about and busy busy busy! Today is the day we're going down to the local Museum of Science & Technology for the domed IMAX viewing of The Polar Express and some fun checking out the exhibits after the fact. We did the movie there last year, too, so it's becoming a tradition ... and John and I have done the exhibit hall before but Tom never has so we're all looking forward to it. If, of course, I can manage to get a burst (or 5) of energy.

Of course it's just the beginning of an exhausting week.

Tom is on vacation from work this week but I still get to do my third shift fun Monday-Thursday ... plus Christmas Eve with the in-laws and the Day After Christmas fun with my side. By the time I get out of work Friday morning I'll be a zombie. Tis the season, right?

On the upside (because there's always an upside -- I refuse for there not to be), I've been getting some good bike time in. Last night I lost track of what I was doing and next thing I knew I was over 15 miles. My eating has been pretty horrid and I'm afraid to even look at the scale. I fully suspect that once I do my gazillionth restart after Christmas it won't be pretty ... not worrying about it now, though.

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  1. I love seeing movies at Omnimax. My favorite!

    I'm pretty sure I"m a post-Christmas zombie right now too. Hope you had a great one!