Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I told you there would be stress ...

It's been a few days thanks to all the craziness but, for the most part, we've survived.

The party Saturday only had one meltdown from John but the fun I made sure we had before and after helped to make up for it, I think.

Sunday he got knocked for a loop with a nasty cough and cold. That kept him home from school on Monday and probably should have today, too (Tuesday). We thought he was okay enough but as soon as his cough/cold medicine wore off part way through the day it all went down hill. I got woken up by a call from the school nurse giving me the heads up and we decided then that he'd be staying home tomorrow... just in case.

For ME, well, things just kinda are.

As of today there are 9 weeks left to my Choose Your Own Challenge. The scale read pretty much the same damn thing today that it did when we started ... BUT I'm down to only needing 540 miles to hit the 1000 mile goal. It'll definitely be a challenge hitting it but I'm going to keep trying.

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