Friday, December 27, 2013

Just a wee bit terrified ...

Weighing in tomorrow for the restart. It's going to be ugly. I could put it off, of course, but my FiloFax is all set and ready to go for having Saturday weigh-ins thanks to me getting super bored and, therefore, semi-productive at work last night.
So far I've made custom section dividers that double as monthly calendars, the pre-dated weights & measurements sheets for all of 2014 (and tomorrow), goal sheets for each month, and lunch planning/idea sheets for over at What's In Our Lunch Bags?
I have a ton of lined paper for it, too, that I already have a tendency to use for recipes and random notes. I may make actual recipe sheets, though. Or something else. Not tonight, though, since I'm getting a bit burned out and I need to hit the bike still.

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