Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Needing a playlist (#doodleadaydec #season)

I wish I brought my laptop to work tonight because I'm in the mood for a holiday playlist... and my ipod is currently lacking. I've got a ton of holiday songs on it but not organized. I have plans,  though,  and the glorious Kay Thompson will be making two appearances. Well, her music will be anyway.

One, her "Jingle Bells" as done by Michael W. Smith:

And one of my absolute favorites, "Holiday Season" ... which I only own in a medley with "Happy Holiday" from the amazing Manhattan Transfer. I know I used to have the Andy Williams version ... I may need to hit up Amazon just for the nostalgia factor.

It even became my doodle for the day!

Of course, recommendations are always welcome if you have a favorite classic (or not) you think I need!


  1. Barking dogs holiday song. I haven't heard it in years! I need to find it for my kids.

  2. It's The Holiday Season is DEFF I must play song!!!