Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One of those days ...

You know ... the ones where you wish you could just curl up with your pjs and a good book and stay under the covers indefinitely??? Alas, that is not to be. After getting home from work this morning I had to get John ready and off to school ... which included waiting outside for his bus with him in 5 degree temperature BEFORE wind chill. And oooooh was there ever wind chill! We literally stayed huddled together facing the other direction from where the bus would be coming from because if we stood where we could actually watch for it the wind and snow would have frozen our faces off. HALF AN HOUR we stood there before they came to get him. Typically it's about 10 minutes tops. If it's that awful tomorrow I'm turning him around and walking him back home and he gets a personal snow/freeze-your-face off day. Luckily the afternoon bus is FAR more reliable for timing and the weather isn't nearly as dreadful.

Oh, and am I the only one who has noticed that Pinterest has kinda killed the ability to Google for recipe sites? People keep pinning the same damn stuff and that pushes the actual sites you might want to discover waaaaaaaaay down the list of Googley goodness. I went looking last night at work for low carb crock pot recipes and kept getting slammed with Pinterest pages. Granted, I added to the problem by Pinning some that looked good on my own ... but, still. Is there some way we can filter Pinterest OUT of Google searches? Anyone know?

I may or may not get on the bike today. I know, right? After being all excited about getting over the halfway-hump I slack. Rest days are important, though. Or so I'm told.

Off to get the little ....


  1. Hi there; stopped by from Kenlie's blog after I saw your link. I think I might have a solution for your Googling problem: use the minus sign (-) with the term you want to filter out. So if you search for "LOW CARB CROCK POT RECIPES -PINTEREST" you shouldn't get any results from pinterest.com

    Hope that helps!


    1. Oh thank you SOOOO much! I'll definitely try that!

  2. BURRRRR from Florida! That is stupid cold right there!