Thursday, December 5, 2013

STRESS!!! *#!&* (#lights #doodleadaydec)

I absolutely love the Maya Angelou quote on today's doodle... and at the same time I'm real glad she doesn't know me because she may not be overly impressed with how I handle stress.
The next three days are going to be trying for me. Tonight John has a chorus concert... which starts when I'm normally already sleeping and he's normally on his way to bed. Then I get to work tonight. Tomorrow he only has a half day of school because of teacher development whatever so my normal nap when he's in school will be cut short... if it even happens at all. THEN Saturday afternoon I have to take him out to the mall for a birthday party for the kid who lives around the corner.
By Saturday evening I'll be a zombie.
And probably pretty snippy.
I'm hoping to squeeze out the time and energy to hit the bike somewhere in there to release some of the angst. Right now,  though, I'll just hit the pillow so I can catch a nap while I still can.

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