Thursday, December 19, 2013

Why oh why isn't it 7am yet?

It's 2:10am so just under 5 hours to go to my work night and what am I doing? Blogging (obviously), searching for recipes (thanks to Erin from My Nebraska Life for the hint on how to kill the Pinterest hits!), and coming up with ideas for lunches. And to do that? Well, that actually became a doodle!!! (I know -- I've slacked on blogging them but I HAVE been doing them!)
Yep. I plan most of my lunches (well, my "fun" blog lunches) by watching my iPad Mini. Last night was Poirot on Amazon Instant... but tonight is Eureka on Netflix (I miss that show SO much) so I'm pretty sure we can expect to see Sheriff Carter & crew over at What's In Our Lunch Bags? soon. 

And I now have ten minutes less to kill.

Someone stab me with a fork to keep me awake, okay?

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