Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A year-long challenge .... almost!

One of my peeps on the ShrinkingJeans facebook group mentioned a goal she was setting for herself -- to walk the number of miles of her birthdate BY her birthday. (For her that's 615 miles by June 15th.)

I won't be walking mine, necessarily, as it's not always walking-friendly here .... BUT I do hereby declare that I'll get in 1210 miles on my recumbent by MY birthday on December 10th! (My 40th -- YIKES!)

I've been seriously slacking off lately with the whole bike thing. Heck, with the whole EVERYthing.

Two more days and it's on.

Musical Monday - New Year's Edition

Maybe next week I'll remember to post when it's still actually Monday here ....
At least this week I'm only off by 45 minutes or so!!!

Every New Year's Eve I HAVE to watch When Harry Met Sally. When he goes running through the streets at the end to get to her by midnight? Oh the feels. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It so figures, doesn't it? (And my first Musical Monday!)

Not even three and a half hours have passed since I was lamenting my poor little neglected blog .... and I'm posting. I totally have my dear friend Jacquie to thank since I was poking around her blog and saw her Musical Mondays post ... which got me wondering of what *I* would post if I did it ... which is leading me to do it! (Let's just pretend it's still Monday .... mkay?

It's raining right now ... and from the looks of the forecast it's just going to keep raining.
I want a white Christmas, dangnabbit! 
I live in the Northeast for a REASON!
So I'm actually posting two songs -- in hopes that Mother Nature will take the hint:
May be familiar to you from a Gap commercial from an eon or two ago :)
Holiday Inn is one of my all-time favorite movies -- 
and I can't hear this song without picturing Bing's pipe on the bells!

Poor neglected blog o' mine ....

I know.

Just give me a little while longer.

Maybe next year..... maybe a little sooner than that.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

That 4 day weekend?

I said: "I actually plan on sleeping and reading and watching sappy holiday flicks we've dvr-ed off the Hallmark Channel."

And I actually accomplished all three AND made Christmas cookies (which have pretty much all been eaten at this point)!!!

No exercise. Ate whatever without caring.

And I'm absolutely okay with all of it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stick a fork in me ...

because I am SO DONE with this week!!! Pretty ridiculous since I've only worked 3 nights this week, but oh so very true. It's been exhausting (and only one of those nights -- being tonight -- was a longer-than-usual shift). At least I have the next 4 nights off. I asked for Thursday night because John has a half-day of school Friday and half-days are really super freaking hard to deal with after working an overnight. I also requested Sunday (and, actually, every Sunday in December) because I have so much "use-it-or-lose-it" paid time off available ... and the use-or-lose deadline is December 31st. Who knows, I may actually bother exercising at some point over the 4 days. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I actually plan on sleeping and reading and watching sappy holiday flicks we've dvr-ed off the Hallmark Channel.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This IS supposed to be a "diet" blog, right?

I mean, that's why this really came into existence, isn't it? To chronicle (aka bitch and moan) my whole "healthy journey" hoopla? I only ask because I actually came here tonight to talk about books.


I would just go ahead and start a new blog about such things but then I would probably NEVER come here.

Of course, I'm assuming the few who actually pay attention would probably follow me wherever anyway because you love me .... right?



So, I did it. Started a new blog.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep all my balls in the air and still actually keep updating this with something other than book stuff.

If you want to check the other out, it's The Well-Read Pirate Queen.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Did you know ....

It's almost impossible to follow any sort of eating plan that isn't just "eat" when there's very little food in the house??? I did the best I could but it was SO not easy.

Going grocery shopping this morning after John heads to school to remedy that.

Also hitting the bike today and maybe the Wii since so far I've hit the Wii Fit none at all and only have 11 miles in on the bike.

I've been reading, though. That's one goal I will NEVER slack off on.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Exhausted but still pretty happy

It's another 12 hour shift tonight. I haven't had to do one in a bit and I had almost forgotten how hellish they can be. BUT last night I filled out a bunch of Paid Time Off request forms and it's looking like they've been approved because after I get done with this 12 hours I have three nights off ... then work for three nights ... then I should have FOUR nights off! I'm a bit giddy just thinking about it!

Last night at work I started working on figuring out my books for that A to Z Author Challenge I mentioned
and not only did I figure out what I want to read ... I even loaded them all up onto their own page in my aStore in case anyone else wants to play along! (and this is where I point out the disclaimer over to the right about me making a small percentage of $ whenever you shop from one of my links .... blah blah blah ....)

I'm hoping that tonight I'll get The Reading Thing - 2015 started for here. The more places I declare it to be so the more likely it is to be, ya know? I just need to decide if I'm going in order from A to Z ... backwards from Z to A ... for pulling them out of a hat coffee cup and randomly going at it.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Well, now, THIS could be fun ....

I was just poking around one of the Teams I've joined on SparkPeople and saw that they're just wrapping up an Author Challenge -- the goal being to read a book for every letter of the alphabet. It would be easy enough if it was a TITLE challenge thanks to Sue Grafton (even though she's only up to W so far with X coming sometime in 2015 we think). But oooooh no. It's an AUTHOR challenge. Even if they don't revisit the theme as a group in 2015 I think I might just do it here. Hey ... it'll at least help me plan out the first 26 books of the 2015 Reading Thing (though, based on my other groups there may be additions tucked in to the alphabet plan here and there)!

Now to poke around my 2000+ books on my DropBox to see what letters I might be missing ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Things ... as promised!

(Mostly just copying/pasting this from a post I made in one of my SparkPeople groups this morning!)
Scale Thing: I agreed in a group I'm in on Facebook to stay off of my scale for the month ... aside from yesterday, of course. Started the month at 200.4. Hoping to end the year well into the 190s. I was JUST THERE, too. *sigh* 

Food Thing: Since I can't obsess about the scale I may as well obsess about food, right? (Kidding. Kinda.) I've been toying with the idea of trying carb cycling again. I just haven't decided HOW I want to do it yet. Alternating high and low? 1 high then 2 lows? 1 high, 1 low, 2 "egg fast"/extreme low, 1 low? (That was the original thought. I love eggs.) 2 high, 1 low, 2 extreme, 1 low? 

Fitness Thing: This is where I've totally fallen off the wagon. I got hit with a 10 day visit from Aunt Flo and it's thrown me off kilter for 2 weeks. I need to get back on the recumbent AND dust off the balance board for the Wii. I'm shooting for 250 miles total on the bike and 3 days a week minimum for the Wii Fit Plus. 
and the added bonus for here:

Book Thing: I discovered today that if I read a book a day just out of the ebooks I already have in my possession (and NOT stored in my iTunes or Amazon Clouds -- just my DropBox/computer), I would be set for about 5 1/2 years. I've been threatened with an intervention. I'm just going to keep reading, though .... and try to keep my new acquisitions down to a minimum. (What that "minimum" is all depends on what new releases I may come across .... of course.) That GoodReads group I'm in has been debating between 4 books for our next group read and I'd really like to read all four of them:
I started Rest You Merry on the bus in to work tonight. So far the main character seems to be a bit of a dick (and a compulsive one at that) and I love him. Of course, I'm only 10% into it so far ... but it's typically that first 10% that hooks me (or not).

Aaaah crap.... but not really.

I TOTALLY meant to do the whole "first of the month weigh and measure" thing yesterday. And forgot. I DID do the weigh thing (200.4 -- Meh. It's better than 202 and a LOT better than 212 so I'll take it.), just forgot the measure thing. Maybe today. After the post-work nap. Maybe. I was a little distracted by making John's lunch for tomorrow and then homework time and THEN this happened:

Yeah. Distractions can be very happy things sometimes, huh?

I'll take some mental time today to think up some December goals (besides surviving) and get back to you in about 20 hours or so ...

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yeah yeah yeah ...

I didn't post yesterday and right now I'm only posting to say that I realize I didn't post yesterday.

Those questions of the day things are proving as frustrating for me as the often-attempted-yet-seldom-completed picture of the day things.

I don't like being told what to do, I guess.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Before I forget and miss another one ....

Today I had too much ______________.

Pain and stress. Salting the black ice at the hotel and then shoveling the snow that fell on top of it several hours later? SO not fun and OH so painful. 

Then I was an hour and a half getting out.


BUT John and I hit Dollar General for the best Black Friday shopping experience ever (we found exactly what we wanted AND were the only non-employees in the store), and I've found a crap-ton of ebooks for myself and Tom's mom and her aunt .... so in spite of the pain and stress it's been a pretty good day overall! 

And now I pop a bunch of Tylenol and hope to be able to move in the morning ....

Thursday, November 27, 2014

It's sooooo quiet!

John spent the night at his grandparents' house for the first time last night. I had the night off so I could have gone to bed as soon as he left but stayed up to FINALLY be able to set up the laptop he's getting for Christmas (it's GORGEOUS, by the way! I'm a bit jealous!) and didn't make it to bed until close to 9. Normally on mornings when we're all home (or we're home but Tom's off to work) we're up and at 'em 6:30 at the latest. Woke up just after 7am to a very quiet house. I miss my monkey.

BUT it helps with the question of the day (I know - I missed yesterday. The question was "do you feel appreciated?" and the answer is yes. Yes, I do.). Today's is another non-question:

"My body is _________________"

It being Thanksgiving and all I'm sure the answer 12 hours from now will be "about to burst at the seams", but right now it's just a little bit achey. Yep, the uterus is still being mean ... AND I have issues with staying in one position for too long (like when I'm sleeping as soundly as I was overnight). It's not as bad as it could be or has been, though, so I'll take it. 

I may take a little walk since there's really not much else to do. Yeah, I could clean but that just seems silly. It's snowing but not very hard and it has been snowing for a while now so everything is blanketed with the white fluffly stuff and it's looking pretty. And, maybe ... yeah. When I get back from my little walk maybe I WILL clean -- John's playroom. He hates doing it and I could get it done fairly easily (especially with coffee in hand and Food Network playing on the tv in there)... 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So very fitting!

What sound do you hate hearing?
That's the QOTD and my answer isn't your typical nails-on-a-chalkboard ... babies crying ... blah blah blah.

It's the word "don't."

(my favorite version is Scott Bakula's -- which is, sadly, not on YouTube)

Tis the season for a lot of "don't"s around the whole diet/fitness blogosphere/interwebs.

Don't indulge.
Don't have seconds.
Don't eat this.
Don't drink that.
Don't forget to wear the pants that you already can't breathe in so you'll eat less.
Don't forget to add extra exercise if you DID eat this and drink that.


Enjoy yourself. If you enjoy yourself "too much" (as if there IS such a thing), big deal. Start over. Even if it's not until the first of the year. It's a good day to start over .... lots of people do it every year, after all.

Everybody says don't,
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says don't-
It isn't right,
Don't-it isn't nice!
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says don't walk on the grass,
Don't disturb the peace,
Don't skate on the ice.
Well, I 
I say,
Walk on the grass, it was meant to feel!
Tilt at the windmill,
And if you fail, you fail.
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says don't get out of line.
When they say that, then
Lady that's a sign:
Nine times out of ten,
Lady, you are doing just fine!

Make just a ripple.
Come on be brave.
This time a ripple,
Next time a wave
Sometimes you have to start small,
Climbing the tiniest wall,
Maybe you're going to fall-
But it is better than not starting at all!

Everybody says no,
Everybody says stop.
Everybody says mustn't rock the boat,
Mustn't touch a thing!
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says wait,
Everybody says can't fight city hall,
Can't upset the cart,
Can't laugh at the king!
Well, I
Laugh at the kings or they'll make you cry.
Fall if you have to,
But lady, make a noise!
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says can't,
Everybody says wait around for miracles,
That's the way the world is made!
I insist on 
Miracles, if you do them,
Miracles - nothing to them!
I say don't,
Don't be afraid!

Monday, November 24, 2014

So much easier!

Yesterday's question was ridiculous. Today's isn't even a question!
Name the last three things you used today:
Easy peasy! My phone, my ipad, my work computer.

Yep. I'm multitasking yet again.

Now, if only the rest of my day had been this easy. It wasn't awful but that whole uterus thing .... you know. I kinda wish I could just curl up with my book and some cocoa and some ice cream and some mac & cheese and any other comfort foods I could get my hands on. 

Ah well. 

At least I have my book. I can't curl up with it, but at least I can read it. The whole "skipping multiple books" thing hasn't been so bad so far. A few minor storyline details have been spoiled for me but not so badly that I won't want to still read the other books and find out exactly how certain things came about. For now, though, I'm just going to finish up this one ... wait to find out the next one for the group ... and be glad that our ice cream freezer at work isn't stocked ....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Uhhh ... what???

The question of the day has had me stumped all day.
How do you know?
Know WHAT?
I hate obscure questions. So screw it.

I finished book #7 of Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mystery series on the bus in to work tonight. Now, if I want to go along with the discussion that's going to be happening with that GoodReads group I joined I should be starting book #12. I just don't know if I can bring myself to do it. I know the authors (it's a husband/wife team that writes the series) do a good job of playing catch up for background information ... but there are so many little side stories going on all of the time. I know I can always backtrack and read what I've skipped but it may very well drive me batty. I'll try. I will. But .... I'm okay with failing miserably at the attempt.

Oh ... and there's no goal update this week. My goal? To survive Thanksgiving week. Not going to stress about intake or exercise (especially since it's almost time for That Time). Survival is key. And reading. Lots of it.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Since I'm up and thinking about it, I might as well blog right?

So, the question of the day:
What did you play today?

It's 7:30am and I've been up already for 3 hours. On my day/night off.

John has a cough. It woke him up so he woke up the world.


SO I've been playing the lovely game of "don't flip your shit because you woke up at 4:freaking:30" ... and Sims FreePlay.

I can't help it. I love my Sims.

My town is currently inhabited by the three of us as well as characters from Doctor Who, Agatha Christie novels, and Harry Potter. 

I'm such a nerd.

As it turns out, my kid is, too.

Our big fun plan for this morning? In about an hour we head out the door to take a bus downtown because our school district has hooked up with FirstBook and today he gets to go pick out free books! It says "up to ten books per family" and I'm not sure if he'll be allowed the full ten or less because he's an only child.... but even if it's two books he walks away with and loves it'll be worth the trip!

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's so dang HARD ...

I mentioned early this morning (well, technically, yesterday morning) that I joined a group on GoodReads that was going to throw my planned holiday reading out of whack.

Well ... it's also helping to answer the question of the day!

What did you give up on today?

And today is the day that I (at least temporarily) agree to give up on the obsession for reading books in order. No. Matter. What.

This evening I started reading book #6 of the series in question. I may fly through it and squeeze in #7. And then? On the 24th the discussions open up in the group for .... are you ready for this??? (Am I???) ... 


Oh good grief. I kinda want to do nothing but read between now and then so I have them all done.

It's giving me palpitations. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Thing is getting jumbled ... again!

I thought I was all planned out for my end-of-year/holiday reading for this year .... and then just a little bit ago I found & joined a group on GoodReads (and I didn't even realize they HAD groups) that's planning a discussion based on books as yet unpicked ... but it's looking pretty good that one of them will be from the Coffeehouse Mysteries series I've been reading off and on. I may attempt to fly through as much as those as I can in hopes of being at least closer to being caught up! I have this thing about reading series in order if at all possible....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The question of the day is:
What inspires you?
It's a tough one right now since I haven't been feeling very inspired to do more than sleep lately. Motivation I have plenty of ... it's the inspiration that's been lacking a bit. They aren't, after all, interchangeable beings.

This is something I definitely have to think on, work on, and touch back on at a later point. 

Midweek update time!

Blog: Stick with the questions from Get It Scrapped -- I seem to be doing pretty okay with this, huh?
Book: Finish the next two Janacek shorts, at least a third of Hercule Poirot's Christmas -- may not happen. I'm just now finishing the first Janacek short for the week. Maybe I'll watch less and read more at work tonight if it doesn't make my eyes too tired.
Diet: Eat more regularly at home AND at work. It was almost 2pm today before I realized I'd only had coffee -- I'm still not eating enough, but I am eating more. That's something, right? Maybe if I start blogging my work lunches again now that the other blog has been revived it'll help ...
Fitness: 200+ again -- Sitting at 95 minutes right now. I keep meaning to Wii Fit Plus or Bike or TurboJam or SOMETHING ... but then we get back to the whole uninspired mess of being me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What is bothering you?

That's the question of the day and oooooh boy do I have answers!

* My eyeglasses are sitting at home on my desk. I, on the other hand, am at work.
* Windchill. Lots of it.
* Yet ANOTHER half day of school resulting in more screwed up sleep.
* The overwhelming urge to start calculating macro ratios.
* The fan for the heater at work is ridiculously loud. Makes it hard to watch anything.
* The lack of glasses also makes it hard to watch anything without getting a splitting headache.

HOWEVER, life is still good. The scale is slowly crawling back down. John actually volunteered to help clean the kitchen today and it looks fan-damn-tastic. I actually remembered to charge my Boom Cube AND throw it in my bag (with my food!) so I WILL be able to hear whatever I watch. AND I have as much coffee as I want (for free) at work ... and at least 6 more hours before I have to get hit with the windchill (and that's only if our newspaper guy doesn't bother bringing the papers all the way in for me).

Monday, November 17, 2014

Short and sweet

Not to forget the QOTD:
What is your guilty pleasure?

Right now? Egg nog milkshakes fromMcDonald's! Totally NOT diet-friendly .... but that's why they're "guilty pleasures," right?

(And, yes, I'm having my second one in 12 hours right now .....)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

And another week begins ...

First, the question of the day:
Other than your clothes, what was with you the majority of your day?
It was a wonderfully lazy day for the most part. I did walk to/from PriceRite to grab a few odds and ends of groceries (mostly to get ready for the Thanksgiving dessert extravaganza) and the rest of the day was spent catching up on dvr stuff with Tom and tossing in a couple of Christmas movies for good measure. I know, it's only mid-November but we love the fluff that hits Hallmark Channel every year so we watched one of those & Ernest Saves Christmas is on Netflix so we had to do that, too. Which, of course, has nothing to do with the question ... and the answer to that is my phone. It's with me pretty much 24 hours a day. I rarely use it as a phone, though. When we were watching our movies I used it to keep track of Sims FreePlay ... when I was at the grocery store I was using the calculator on it to keep a running total so I didn't spend too much ... it wakes me up from my pre-work naps ... and then on the bus into work I use it to read.

Speaking of reading, I didn't do much this weekend but did finish an excellent short story on the way into work tonight. I read about 5 minutes of it while falling asleep for thee ol' pre-work nap so it was a pretty fast read. It was The Adventure of the Manufactured Miracle by Craig Janacek and is a Christmasy-themed Sherlock Holmes tale written "by" Doctor Watson just as Holmes tales should be. It was pleasantly pleasant and I'm quite glad I have the next two shorts lined up to go. It really makes me want to get my hands on Janacek's full-length novels -- eventually.

On to the goal updates!

They were:
Blog: I kinda feel like I don't even need to set "3 times" ... maybe I'll start trying to write with more substance, though. I used to do a workshop on creative journaling using writing prompts. Maybe I'll think about doing that here. -- Nailed it!
Book: Finish Shakespeare's Champion -- Nailed it!
Diet: Bring something more substantial then oatmeal packets to work! I actually bought a ton of things specifically FOR bringing to work on Friday when I went to the grocery store ... but they don't do a heck of a lot of good when they just sit home in the freezer. -- Totally DIDN'T nail it :(
Fitness: 200+ minutes -- Nailed it with 215!

So this week:
Blog: Stick with the questions from Get It Scrapped
Book: Finish the next two Janacek shorts, at least a third of Hercule Poirot's Christmas
Diet: Eat more regularly at home AND at work. It was almost 2pm today before I realized I'd only had coffee
Fitness: 200+ again

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Well, crap.

I stepped on the scale when I woke up. 202-point-something. When I saw that the question of the day today is "What is your greatest strength?" the first thought in my mind was "Well, obviously not being able to stay below 200."

It'll happen, though. I KNEW that this week was going to be a bad one with the lack of sleep and lack of food going in me like it should. Knowing and doing something about it, though, don't always go hand in hand for me. Obviously.

So, it's 8:50amish Saturday morning and so far I've accomplished making breakfast. John apparently woke up with a bacon craving so woke ME up to make it. I should get on the bike at some point. I would use the Wii Fit Plus but John would have to actually pick up his play room floor. I highly doubt that will happen unless there's a lot of screaming involved. SO I'll get on the bike rather than have a battle. At some point.

Friday, November 14, 2014

It's a face-palm kinda day.

It's been one of those days, you know? Our internet at home is having issues. John had a half day of school and because of the internet issues he and I walked over to Burger King for lunch and wifi after he got home .... so I got ridiculously little sleep. Tomorrow may not be much better because I have to wait for the internet tech guys to come (hoping they show up before I have to take John to the bus stop) AND FedEx. It would be too much to ask that they both show up early so I could get at least a few hours of as-good-as-it-gets sleep in before getting him off of the bus again. 

At least the walk to BK with John helped with my minutes for the week ... and then I opted for the further bus stop to get to work tonight which bumped me over me goal of 200. It was a decent walk in spite of the cold and little bits of snow flurrying about. AND I had food all set and ready to bring in to work tonight. I even had it in my bag so I wouldn't forget .....

and then I grabbed a different bag on my way out the door.

Yep. One of those days.

And the question of the day:
What do you want to tell yourself in one year?

"Good job, kid!" is it.

In one year I hope to be at a healthy weight. I hope to be more physically able. I hope to be completely over actual cigarettes (my darling boy finally convinced me to buy an e-cigarette starter kit today ... definitely will take getting used to but he was adamant and they've worked well for Tom).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Too Much

Today's question:
What do you have too much of?

Well, weight would be the obvious answer here, now, wouldn't it? I have roughly 35-40 pounds I would like to see gone. More should go according to all of those stupid charts ... but I don't believe them. (Luckily, no doctor I have seen in my adult life has believed them either.)

Other things I have too much of: clutter & clothes. One of these days I'll clear some of the clutter out. Same with clothes. I have a TON of clothes in various sizes that will probably never get worn. I really should sort through and bag up and drop in a donation box somewhere. Oh, and impluse-buy kitchen and fitness gadgets. Some may be tempted to say books .... but those people don't belong in my life.

Speaking of books, how about a mid-week goal update? Shall we?

Blog: I kinda feel like I don't even need to set "3 times" ... maybe I'll start trying to write with more substance, though. I used to do a workshop on creative journaling using writing prompts. Maybe I'll think about doing that here. -- Obviously it's working out pretty well so far. I may even manage to blog on my days off :)
Book: Finish Shakespeare's Champion -- Done! Finished it just before I left work Wednesday morning and started Shakespeare's Christmas on the bus in tonight!
Diet: Bring something more substantial then oatmeal packets to work! -- Doing better. I've done 2 nights of oatmeal, 2 nights of something more.
Fitness: 200+ minutes -- 145 minutes done as of Wednesday night! Half day of school tomorrow for John so lack of sleep for me SO plenty of time to knock off some bike time. I'll get the 200 done and I'll get them done EARLY!

So that's how things are shaping up around here. I haven't hit the scale in a couple of days which is unusual and I blame that on the whole overly-exhausted deal I've been going through. Still not sleeping great and that means I wake up not thinking about anything but coffee. I have a feeling I'm not eating enough again which would normally result in an unhappy scale anyway so maybe it's for the best that I've been forgetting. I should start tracking again... at least until I get my body back into the whole "eating enough to lose" frame of being. I blame that on the exhaustion bit, too. I'm hoping that I'm just having difficulty re-adjusting back to working a full 40+ hour week and that it'll get better soon. Really. Freaking. Soon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is "holiday" a cuisine?

The question for the day:

What is your favorite cuisine?

So, really ... is "holiday" considered a cuisine? I guess it is now, at least, because that's my answer. 

Specifically end-of-year holiday cuisine. The warm, hearty, spice-filled, cozy comfort foods that tend to engulf Thanksgiving through New Year's .... and, more often than not, tend to pack on extra poundage.

It looks like we're going to be in charge of desserts for Thanksgiving this year. I could just grab a couple of pies from the grocery store and call it a day but in my family that would be unacceptable on so many levels. Sure, it's not my birth/extended-by-birth family that we're supplying for .... but it still seems wrong to me to take the easy way out if I can manage to pull off something real. We're still a couple of weeks away which is a good thing. It gives me a couple of weeks to stress out over doing something spectacular .... or giving up and buying something before everyone else does and the stores are sold out. 

Maybe I should buy a back-up plan or two just in case.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So, I lied ....

I've decided to give Tami Taylor's 365 Questions a try from Get It Scrapped and today's question is:

What was the last lie you told? 

Now, as a general rule, I try not to lie. Not about big stuff, anyway. There are little lies I tell on a regular basis, though .... like when someone asks me how I am. About ten minutes ago a guest came by and, of course, asked how I was doing tonight.

"Great!" I say ... because saying "like a steaming pile of poo" probably wouldn't go over too well. No one ever really wants to hear that, do they? Especially not when you're just asking for the sake of making small talk with a stranger. What was I supposed to do? Be honest? Go into a litany about how much I'm not looking forward to my shift ending in the morning because I really dislike the morning bus ride/walk home ... but, at the same time, I wish to hell it would just hurry up and get here because I would really REALLY like to go back to bed and try and get some decent sleep because the last few times I've slept I've apparently done so poorly because I wake up feeling even more exhausted than I was when I laid down. Or maybe I could go off on the fact that my stomach is grumbling and I've already devoured the food that I brought to work and still have 5 1/2 hours left to go and I'm trying really hard not to order something or hit up the ice cream freezer or candy shelf because I would really like to but then I'll kick myself in the face when that turns into the scale climbing back over that dreaded 200 pound mark that I've fought for years to get under.

Yeah, sometimes lying is just easier on everyone involved.

Monday, November 10, 2014

One load of laundry done ....

and about 4 huge ones left to go! Yep ... another one of those nights ... and I need a break so here I am!

First the goal recap and redo:
Blog: 3 times seems to be the magic number for me ... so I'll shoot for 4  -- 3 is the magic number still
Book: Actually finish The Christie Caper -- Finished it AND the next book on my list!
Diet: Not going to worry so much about tracking BUT I do need to make a conscious effort to remember to bring food with me to work so I don't attack our little shop here with all the crap food. Tonight I tossed some instant oatmeal packets into my purse as I was running out the door. -- Last week I did well ... tonight I'm thankful that there were still 2 packets of oatmeal in my purse because I totally didn't think about it!
Fitness: More than 150 minutes. -- 230 minutes, baby!!!

And for this week:
Blog: I kinda feel like I don't even need to set "3 times" ... maybe I'll start trying to write with more substance, though. I used to do a workshop on creative journaling using writing prompts. Maybe I'll think about doing that here.
Book: Finish Shakespeare's Champion
Diet: Bring something more substantial then oatmeal packets to work! I actually bought a ton of things specifically FOR bringing to work on Friday when I went to the grocery store ... but they don't do a heck of a lot of good when they just sit home in the freezer.
Fitness: 200+ minutes

So back to the whole prompt idea for my writing.... I've found a few sites already with writing prompts for every day of the year (like kikki.K, Get It Scrapped and WordPress' DailyPost) and I think I may just attempt it! Now to decide whose to use .... which I'll think about AFTER I get more of this dang laundry done!

Friday, November 7, 2014

I love ....

* uncovering family drama and mysteries over a century old worthy of a PBS/ITV/BBC-ish melodrama
* my beloved LizardBreath for sucking me back into the joy of genealogy kicking and screaming
* the fact that after all this time I can still call Beth "LizardBreath" and probably get nothing more than an eye roll out of her ;)
* Acorn's great big beautiful library of Agatha Christie videos ....  and more, of course, but mostly loving the Christie right now
* having great reading apps like Kindle and Moon+ Reader on my phone because it makes it SO much easier to read in bed or on a poorly lit bus
* being 87.6% through Shakespeare's Landlord and still not having a firm guess as to whodunnit!
* the scale being back under 200 Thursday afternoon when I woke up from my post-work nap
* getting a long walk in before the nap instead of waiting until after ... since it was pouring when I woke up
* direct deposit paychecks .... and the fact that mine should be hitting my account in about 4 hours
* grace periods for certain bills when said bills are due a few days before said paychecks hit
* nights off of work -- which, after tonight, I'll have two of and will get to curl up in bed for as long as I want (or, anyway, as long as the kid & dog will let me)

Don't get me wrong. It's not all rainbows and roses (thank goodness for that! Roses make me sneezy!). I've dropped the ball on the whole photoaday thing for November already. I may pick the ball back up, though. I think I've only missed one day ....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Well, THAT was unexpected ...

I just finished my book. The one I had figured would take me through most, if not all, of this week. It's 2:43am and I'm at work and have yet to even turn on my ipad to watch something. It got really good when I was on the bus and I couldn't stop until I was done!

So. Cross THAT off the goal list for the week!

Next up? Charlaine Harris' Shakespeare's Landlord. Yes, the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood Charlaine Harris. The whole Lily Bard series (five books total) pre-dates Sookie and a friend of mine recently gifted me the whole set! I remember reading a short story about Lily YEARS ago (like, I was in grad school years ago) in an Ellery Queen Magazine or something along those lines. Why I didn't hunt down the series then I'll never know. Oh. Yeah. Grad school. I was lucky I managed to read the short stories!

So the plan is to read the first three Lily Bards in a row and then dive into various Christmasy fare ... so if you know of a good festive mystery or paranormal or whatever I should add ... let me know!

Anyway. The scale Monday was back up over the 200 mark but I'm okay with that. I tend to jump around a few pounds every week. I know that my body knows how to get back down now, though, and have complete faith that soon it'll do it's jumping on the other side...

NOW I go check on my Sims, watch something Canadian, and refill my coffee ....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The week that was ...

The goals for this past week .... and how miserably I failed at accomplishing them:

Blog: 3 times -- Done ... but only if you count the post that stated the goals.
Book: Finish The Christie Caper (it's a lengthy one -- might take the whole week) -- only at 40ish %. Didn't get as much reading time as I was expecting!
Diet: TRACK (starting Tuesday since Sunday and Monday are already shot) -- but still not stress about the macros -- Not even close. BUT I did do that whole "Onederland" thing even without the tracking. Hmmm ....
Fitness: 200+ minutes (try try again, right?) -- Ended the week at 150. Our poor recumbent thinks I hate it and the Wii Fit Balance Board, I think, has probably forgotten who I am.

Not a stellar week when all is said and done as far as goal setting and reaching. This week .... I dunno. It's my first week back to having a regular 40 hours and it's probably going to throw me loopy for a bit. BUT we'll try.

Blog: 3 times seems to be the magic number for me ... so I'll shoot for 4 :)
Book: Actually finish The Christie Caper .... which may happen with the extra shift at work ;)
Diet: Not going to worry so much about tracking BUT I do need to make a conscious effort to remember to bring food with me to work so I don't attack our little shop here with all the crap food. Tonight I tossed some instant oatmeal packets into my purse as I was running out the door.
Fitness: More than 150 minutes. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The scale made me cry...

Happy happy HAPPY tears!  Even with everyone's favorite aunt here for a visit. Even with carbs galore.  Even with not hitting the bike for a good bit of time. I did it. I finally freaking did it!!!

In 20 minutes ...

my body will feel like it's time for me to be getting ready to go home and crash. Alas, it'll only be 3am and I'll have 4 more hours of being stuck here thanks to yet another 12 hour shift. (It's my own fault -- I agreed to do it out of desperation for the extra $.) It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that the new girl is also here and putting a major kink in my regular routine of marathon watching stuff. I may just go into one of our vacant rooms and do so there. Or sleep. I could actually do that tonight since I've been given the big okay by TPTB to do so if needed. Add the uterus being stupid to the mix and I'm just all sorts of meh. It happens. Pretty much every month. And then even when I do finally get home I won't get to go to bed because of the whole "get the kid on the bus" thing and then I have to walk up to the bank to make a deposit of some cash so I can pay my homeowner's insurance before it becomes later than it already is. Yeah .... definitely going to go collapse for a bit soon ....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Then and now

I meant to post this yesterday but my last lazy Sunday was spent, well, being lazy. Starting this coming Sunday I'll be working Sunday-Thursday. Hooray for a full 40 hour paycheck!!! But, at the same time, I'm going to miss my long weekends.

Anyway, last week's goals & how I faired:
Blog: 3 times for each -- Pulled it off here ... killed the other blog. Well, not completely ... but in essence I'm done with it.
Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse -- Nailed it! Currently 15% into The Christie Caper by Carolyn G Hart
Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit -- I sorta slacked on tracking but I'm guessing I did okay. Ended the week at 200.4 as of Sunday morning's weigh-in! I WILL get under 200 again. Some day.
Fitness: 200+ minutes -- Eh. Not quite. Only pulled off 170. That last half an hour could have easily been accomplished but just wasn't.

This week's goals -- pretty much the same:
Blog: 3 times
Book: Finish The Christie Caper (it's a lengthy one -- might take the whole week)
Diet: TRACK (starting Tuesday since Sunday and Monday are already shot) -- but still not stress about the macros
Fitness: 200+ minutes (try try again, right?)

I would SO love to see a number starting with a "1" when I get on the scale Sunday morning. A lack of money is going to mean a lack of being able to get groceries for the next couple of weeks, though, so it'll be a lot of carbs already on-hand, probably. The crazy thing? Since I've stopped stressing about the stupid lunch blog and the stupid macros I haven't been bothered by my carb intake. I even ate PopTarts with my darling boy without feeling like I was going to die afterwards! (They were the seasonal Pumpkin Pie kind ... like I could possibly have passed those up!)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Crazy ...

I said that I would probably finish the book that I had wanted to get 30+% done by Sunday, right? That WAS just last night that I said it, wasn't it?

I finished it on the bus ride in to work.

I didn't think to bring my next book with me.

I'm caught up on all of the shows I normally watch without Tom.

Facebook games are making my brain bleed.

I have 3+ hours left to my shift.

Guess it's time to go hit up Netflix!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mid-week update

Sunday I declared the following goals for the week:
   Blog: 3 times for each
   Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse
   Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit
   Fitness: 200+ minutes

Mid-week update looks like this:
   Blog: nailing it here ... not going to happen for the lunch blog. Quite frankly, I just don't care.
   Book: Finished Heart of Evil that night and surpassed the 30% for Decaffeinated Corpse this evening! It may very well be done by Sunday!
   Diet: Going GREAT! I'm eating pretty much what I want and when I want it -- making sure that deficit stays where it should. Started the week at 203.8 ... this morning (well, Wednesday) was back to 200.8 :)
   Fitness: I'm currently at 115 minutes for the week -- largely thanks to being on dog-watching duty at work for a while the past two nights. Left on my own the number would be a lot lower thanks to the stupid knee/weather issue.

The new girl at work is, so far, working out pretty well I think. I only have her for an hour each night right now and tonight was the first time we did any actual training (last night we talked too much) ... but I think it'll work out.

Not much else going on. I'm debating what to do about the lunch blog indifference. I wish there was some way to instantly post to blogger from Instagram. That one extra step of actually having to blog is what I really don't care about. Of course, I do lots more than just lunches on IG and those would autopost, too. Meh. I think I'll just say screw it and if anyone wants to see the random lunches I bother taking pictures of in the future they can bloody hell follow me on IG or Twitter. I'll still be making the lunches because John loves them and I love making them ... but the whole blogging thing is becoming more of a chore than a pleasure... and it can suck it (and I just took a break from writing this to go tell it so).


I feel better already!

Now, on to leveling up John's Sims FreePlay and watching whatever on my iPad :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stupid f*%$ing weather!

As if it wasn't bad enough having to do yet another 12 hour shift .... but I've had to do it with my knee acting all pissed off over the cold drizzly crap that's been hanging around the air since right around the time I left the house. I should only have about an hour left and then I can go home and put it up for a while and hopefully not have to do another 12 hours tonight since the drizzly crap will still be lingering. At this point I don't know if I'd even be able to walk the 20ish minutes to the bus stop without bursting into tears. Ah well. At least I got puppy time tonight and was able to knock off a couple more episodes of Franklin & Bash and when I come in tonight I'll get to show our new hire how to audit because I guess she'll be doing it on weekends (and, hopefully, be around so I can take a night off once in a while without feeling guilty about making someone else do a double!). I have it all typed out so I may just hand her the sheet and say "Here. Call me if you need help." and then go back to Franklin & Bash. She has some hotel work under her belt, I guess, so hopefully she won't be too terribly, well, terrible.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Focus ... not obsession

That's my big goal for the foreseeable future : to approach this whole journey with focus but not obsession. Immediately that is going to involve not obsessing over macro ratios.

A dear old friend of mine told me: Focus to obsession is a personal perception thing, but if you feel stress instead of like you're just doing something ... its obsession.

You may or may not recall that for a while I had a sticky note on my desktop what I felt I should be doing for macros & whatever. It would change from time to time but it was always there and always something to obsess over.

I tend to be a perfectionist ... and obsessive. If I set my macros and am off on any of them by more than a couple of percents according to MFP I start freaking out and obsessing over how to fix it. It can drive a girl crazy. Focusing more on the calories in vs calories out will be easier and less crazy-making. Besides, tis the season of family gatherings full of cozy carbs ... and I will NOT deprive myself & make everyone else feel awkward and tense in the process. The internal and external tensions only add to the funk that I've been so desperate to break.

Anyway, that sticky I obsessed over was replaced this morning with this:

And then, just a few minutes ago, I remembered that today is the day that I've set as Goal Day in my new planner binder thingie ... so I filled out this week's goals:

Not sure how clear it'll turn up once I hit publish and I know it'll be small, even then, for those who may be looking via mobile so here they are again:
     Blog: 3 times for each
     Book: Finish Heart of Evil - 30%+ Decaffeinated Corpse
     Diet: Ignore the macros but not the the calories; 500+ daily deficit
     Fitness: 200+ minutes

So. Focus. (And some crossed fingers.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Half way through .... ish ....

Pretty much at the half way point of October and at this point the only goal set on the first that I feel confident in is the one based on The Reading Thing. I had said four books and I'm 1/4 of the way through the third (I have, though, changed the fourth book).

The doodles bit the big one (though I have been pretty successful so far with sticking to a photo-a-day dealie).

The exercise minutes so far are dismal at 501.

The scale has been creeping up instead of down.

I need to get a grip on something more than just my reading.

I also need a new planner since I'm one of those "gotta write it down" types. Mine went on an extended vacation with a friend since I was under the impression that a new one was coming to me. Almost two months later I'm getting twitchy. Maybe I'll just see if I have any spare 3-ring binders bouncing around the basement and use one of those. It won't be as convenient as something I could throw in my purse and drag with me everywhere but it would be better than the nothing I have now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More laundry avoidance

I really hate it when our laundry person calls in sick or takes a day off. I have two heaping trolleys to do tonight and I just don't wanna.

"I just don't wanna"sums up an awful lot lately.

Exercise -- I just don't wanna.

Eating what I know I should rather than what I'm craving (nasty carbs) -- I just don't wanna.

Acknowledging the fact that those last two have resulted in me sliding further away from the elusive Onederland -- I just don't wanna.

I'm the Queen of Self-Sabotage. I've been here before. Things are going really super freaking well and then .... they're not. I get in a funk and a downward spiral which turns into an upward spiral scale-wise.

Ah well. The laundry isn't going to fold itself and the weight isn't going to just disappear.

Guess I better get to work ...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Funk Breakers

I'm in a funk tonight and I totally blame last night's 12 hour shift. It takes a lot out of me and I'm slow to recover. John helped a LOT after he got home from school today. Tom ordered in and since he was watching the tv downstairs, John & I took our food up to the playroom and had a little floor picnic while watching the tv in there. (He decided he wanted to try "real people" shows on Nick so we tried The Thundermans and Henry Danger out tonight. Loved them both!) The funk returned when I woke up from my pre-work nap, though. (I really REALLY didn't want to wake up.) Soooo I've been trying to re-break the funk with some reading, some Sims, some Jezebel.com & Diet Mountain Dew. I wanted to watch Cutthroat Kitchen but my Dish Anywhere app is being stupid and I can't find a decent stream for the most recent episode elsewhere. I thought I had one but then about 10 minutes in the episode restarted from the beginning. I'm trying another one now .... and if it restarts on me I'll just go back to my book earlier than I had expected. Or more Jezebel. I love that place. It's one of the few sites where the comments are pretty much as kickass as the articles.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

TV, Twitter & Other Things

It's a random rambly kinda night. That happens when I'm avoiding folding yet more laundry.


In the past 24ish hours I've discovered that following Canadian tv shows & stars is FAR different than following US ones. Canadians aren't nearly as apt to spoil an episode while it's actually on .... and are FAR more apt to acknowledge random fans (like me!). Tonight I ended up unfollowing just about everyone associated with Supernatural, The Flash & Agents of SHIELD because I don't get to watch them immediately and it's either unfollow or avoid twitter for days. I can't do that. Twitter helps save my sanity at work. On the flipside I AM following pretty much everyone I can find involved with the Canadian shows Republic of Doyle, Murdoch Mysteries and the new (and so far kickass awesome) Strange Empire.

I love Canadians.

I love the others, too, of course .... but they seem to really enjoy giving a scene by scene play by play .... which blows when you're on a watching delay for whatever reason.

Other things: I'm 84.6% done with Murder in the Mystery Suite by Ellery Adams. I was expecting to enjoy it because I love Ellery and I love cozy mysteries but it has FAR exceeded my expectations and now I'll be chomping at the bit for the next one to be written/released. Next up is a re-read... actually, I think it's a re-re-re-read. At least. Some series are just worthy of being re-re-re-read, you know?

And now it's back to laundry folding. Almost 5 hours to go and a huge amount of towels and sheets.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Ohhhhh so happy!

2 1/2 hours (or so) and I am OUTTA HERE! I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to a weekend quite so much. For the most part it should be a fairly quiet few days ... with the exception of a birthday party John has been invited to on Saturday. A ton of third graders at Chuck E Cheese. I can barely contain my dread glee. He's looking forward to it so I'll slap on my happy face and hope for the best. The rest of the weekend, though? Rest, pedaling, reading & more Bones. Oh ... and trying not to succumb to the uterus-induced urges for carby comfort food.

Oh! Syracuse (well, a suburb) is finally getting a Trader Joe's and the grand opening is this morning! I'm tempted to bypass some sleep to go ... but it's one of those glorious "survive on $25" weeks so I'll put it off. Besides, it'll be a mad house in all likelihood even with it being a weekday during normal work hours. I don't deal well with mad house situations ... but I am super excited about having a TJ's just a bus ride away. A friend of mine works at one near her and is always talking about the great offerings. I haven't been bringing lunch with me to work again very often ... typically because nothing ever sounds good and I figure I've eaten an adequate amount at home ... but maybe they'll have something I deem worthy.

And speaking of lunches, I think I'm over the whole lunch blog thing. Again. It's more of a chore than a joy and while I'll still be making John fun lunches from time to time I just don't think I care about blogging them. The super-awesome ones I'll still probably take pictures of and at least toss on Instagram & Twitter ... but I'm not so sure about the blog. I wish IG had an automatic "share to blog" option along with the options to share to FB and Twitter. Or maybe I'll still post them and just not bother writing anything. I do everything with my phone so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle...

Ah well. Newspapers should be showing up soon which means people should start waking up soon, too. I think the first wake-up call I set for someone is going to go off in about 5 minutes. Yippee.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's that time again!

Another month has started. October is one of my favorite months because I love autumn sooooo much. The air gets brisker but there are still some days that don't require bundling (or the heat to kick on). It'll be a month of new books (just finished #36 on The Reading Plan Thing). A month of new challenges. A month of new losses ... with any luck.

More specifically, this is what I'm hoping to do:

Books: I want to get four books finished in October:
  1. Murder in the Mystery Suite - Ellery Adams
  2. Sick of Shadows (Elizabeth MacPherson #1) - Sharyn McCrumb
  3. Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #2) - Heather Graham
  4. New Orleans Mourning (Skip Langdon 1) - Julie Smith  Decaffeinated Corpse (Coffeehouse Mysteries #5) - Cleo Coyle
The second and fourth on the list (#s 38 and 40 on the main list) are re-reads from long ago so I'm guessing I'll fly through them. 

Challenges: I mentioned last night that I'm rip-roaring-ready for the next NoExcuses Challenge which will actually cover the next 12 weeks rather than just the month. Personally, though, I would like to get at least 1700 of the 4700 minutes done in October. I'm also going to attempt to actually stick with a ____-a-day challenge for the first time in eons. I think maybe I'll go back to the doodles since they soothe my mind and goodness knows my mind has needed it the past little bit! So here's the plan:

Losses: I refuse to set a specific goal for this since they never quite work out for me anyway. If I were to set one, however, it would probably be to hit 195. (I was 200.2 Monday when I woke up from my post-work nap!) I misplaced my tape measure so until that's located there will be no further measurements aside from the scale. Bummer.

So. How about you? Plans?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bring it on, #NoExcuses4700 Challenge!

I successfully completed (and surpassed) the 1500 minutes for September over the weekend thanks to watching massive amounts of Bones on Netflix and playing a bunch of Sims Free Play while pedaling on the recumbent. And now? The next challenge is going to be 12 weeks long!!! From October 1st until December 24th ... and 4700 minutes!!! That's 391 1/3 minutes per week for those of you trying to do the math. Just about 56 minutes a day.

Piece of cake. (Mmmmmm .... cake .... )

I'm still hovering on the scale at 201.6 which is, of course, FAR better than the 207+ I was at the beginning of the month. Oh, heck, since JUNE. My body doesn't like to let go of the weight too easily. As long as it lets go of it, though, I'm not in a race to get it off. And even if I was, slow and steady wins ... right? Can't get much slower than me .... (I do believe that it's a curse of my last name being Quick.)

I didn't get to read much over the weekend but I'm determined to finish the books I've been reading by the time I get to work tomorrow night. It's getting to the point where I don't really want to put it down and I've got just over 100 pages left. Since the wifi at work is still beyond stupid that gives lots of extra reading time .... as long as I don't get too distracted by Facebook and blogs and such ;)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Is it bedtime yet?

No. It's not. It's only 4:40am and I'm guzzling caffeine like crazy while, yet again, fighting with the wifi at work and trying to watch Bones. On the upside it hasn't been crashing as completely as it typically does ... but it does hiccup every little bit which then sends Netflix all wacky and before I know it I'm watching Bones a la Kung Fu Theater (you know -- when the speech and the mouth movements don't quite match up?). I'm about half way through season 7, though, and would really like to catch up before the end of the current season (being, of course, season 10). I went through wikipedia's episode list and skimmed that, making note of the ones that seemed most crucial to watch as far as plot points go ... just in case I decide to hop around rather than watching them all. (I WILL watch them all ... just, perhaps, not in the intended order.)
I know, this really has nothing to do with anything. Well, it kinda does, I guess, since this weekend I plan on pedaling while watching Bones at some point. There. Now it ties in.
Eh, who am I kidding? I'm just rambling while I wait for the buffering hell to stop and it's either ramble or play Sims Free Play on my ipad and all of my Sims are at work or busy or infants. They aren't really exciting right now. Oh, EXCEPT for the fact that aside from one family (based on my darling boy and some mystery future daughter-in-law) I deleted the entire population of my little town and started to rebuild it with Harry Potter characters. Yes. I'm that much of a geek. Perhaps I'll toss in other fandoms as time goes on... or start a different fandom game on my other tablet... maybe one with random characters from here and there. Before you know it I'll be lugging both tablets to work regularly so I can play/watch Netflix simultaneously back and forth between the two. (Yeah, tough job I have here, huh?)
Putzing around with the reading plan a bit again. Deleting a few, adding a few. I'm not so sure it's really a plan anymore or more of a Thing. It's like a plan, but with more greatness ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Did you know ....

There are 100 days left until 2015?

I hadn't realized it until someone had mentioned it on Twitter. Now I'll be spending some time thinking about what I want to get done in those 100 days.

How about you? Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

And then there were none ....

Mere minutes remain to my beloved Agatha Christie's 124th birthday (I even made a lunch for it) so I figured it was fitting to title my post tonight the same as my first memory of Dame Agatha. Oh how I watched the hell out of that movie every time it came on and have read/re-read the book (and play) so many times I've had to buy multiple copies over the years. I was telling someone earlier today on Facebook about how I used to have all of Christie's books until the box they were in got "lost" during one of our many moves. The Mousetrap And Other Plays (including, of course, ATTWN) was in my bag with me, though, so it's still rattered and tattered and beloved beyond belief. When my last arrival at work tonight actually arrived I sat down and said "and then there were none" ... and then started to type. Of course, midnight just passed so it's no longer the 15th here in New York ... but until the last time zone changes I'll still consider it her birthday.

It was an okay-ish weekend. Nothing too exciting happened. Grocery shopping Friday and then again this morning so a bunch of walking minutes. Some recumbent minutes here and there. Decent food (non-egg fast because, well, I was getting tired of eggs and really wanted meat of some sort). 202.6 on the scale this morning. I need to drink more water but it's just so danged boring. Maybe it wouldn't be cheating too bad if I used those sugar-free flavorings like I get John. Would it? (And do I really care?) Hell, most of the time I tell myself that the water used to make my coffee counts ....

This week I really hope to get a decent amount of minutes in. I thought it would be easier with John back in school but once my head hits the pillow it wants to stay there until I have to get him off the bus and then it's all homework and dinner and getting my act in gear (and back to bed for a nap) before work. I really need to start biking or something before my post-work nap but I'm always so tired. Hrmph. What I REALLY need are more hours in the day. Of course, if I had those I would probably end up getting distracted by something else and still wouldn't get my minutes in ....

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My new sidekick ... and stuff

Last night, tonight, and probably tomorrow night I have a sidekick at work named Kilo. She's the dog of one of our guests who tends to bark when left alone in her room overnight when anyone walks by their room ... which happens to be right across from the elevator. Her "daddy" is working overnights this week, as well, so I get custody. She's an absolute darling and gives me someone to talk to AND added exercise throughout the night since she really enjoys walking around the hotel grounds. Over and over and over again. I told her person tonight that I was half tempted to trade him our dog (who could care less if I existed) for her ;)  We just came back in from Walk #2 of the night and she's actually laying down for a bit. It may help that I figured out which light switch switches off the lights in the back half of the front office so she can collapse in semi-darkness. Not on her bed which I carried over from their room, of course. It does, though, give me a little bit to do things like actual work ... and blog ... and watch Hell's Kitchen on my iPad (all, also, in semi-darkness). I tried to watch Miss Marple but there was a loud crash in the beginning of the first episode and it kinda freaked her out. Gordon Ramsay yelling at people doesn't seem to phase her, though. I'll have to ask if she's used to hearing it.

At this point I'm still EF-ing. I weighed in Tuesday at 203 and I'm SO CLOSE to breaking under 200 that I figured I may as well stick with this for a few more days and see if it keeps working for me. It doesn't hurt at all that eggs are so freaking affordable and easy. My exercise minutes have been a bit on the low side at home. Last week I was stuck with the horrid 12 hour shifts. Over the weekend I was just trying to recover from that. I sleep as soon and as long as I can when John's in school and once he gets home my time is full of homework and reading with him, making his lunch for the next day, dinner, and sleep before coming back in to work. If it wasn't for taking Kilo out I'd be looking at next to nothing. SOOOO I reset my post-work nap alarms and hopefully will wake up when they go off and get some bike time in. Maybe THEN I'll get to watch my Miss Marple! (Acorn TV rocks my Brit-lovin' socks!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

*grumble grumble*

That's the sound my stomach is making right now since I, yet again, forgot to bring food with me to work. The good news is that I should be home within the hour and can grab something then. I should also make something to bring into work tonight (and actually bring it). If only I could decide whether I'm egg fasting or just LCHFing that would be a lot easier to pull off! I undid all of the damage that I did last weekend with my whole eating-everything-in-sight deal that I think I failed to mention ... so I'm back at 204.4 as of yesterday morning. I may do a philly cheese steak & eggs-ish thing for tonight. Maybe see about using the sandwich steaks as a pie "crust" and kinda combine my Philly Cheese Steak & Eggs dish with my Cheese-Veggie-Egg Pie dish. That actually sounds really quite wonderful right now. Of course, that may just be my empty stomach talking...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Still here.

Three 12-hour shifts in a row.

Going on 4-ish hours of sleep between each.

Feel like butt.

Still here, though.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Yeah, well ...

The egg fast apparently ended for me today -- at least temporarily. This afternoon John decided (after I had made it, of course) that he's not a fan of tuna so rather than waste it I ate it.... and tonight at work there are wings calling my name rather loudly. I weighed in Saturday at 207 and then this morning at 204.4 so even with the slip-ups (there may have been peanut butter cups involved) I'm calling it a good deal. I'll definitely be revisiting it ... I've been collecting recipes that are EF-friendly and maybe switching it up with those will make the temptation of everything else not so hard. People are so up-in-the-air as to how often to do them: only when significantly, stalled, every week, 5 on 14 off ... I guess I'll just wake up one morning and decide.

I've already had to tweak the Reading Plan again. Ann Charles' newest finally came out so I had to get it immediately and I'll have to read it as soon as I'm done with the book I'm currently about 60% through. Of course, then I'll be left with angst waiting for her to hurry up and finish another one ... but I'm okay with that. I've added at least a couple of dozen books to my phone over the past few days so it's not like I'll be lacking for reading material any time soon!

Oh, and I've got 19 minutes left for the 1500in31 Challenge. I think I'll be able to pull it off  ;)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

100 Minutes

It's officially August 27th and I officially have five days to go until all is said and done for the NoExcuses 1500in31 Challenge ... and only have 100 minutes left to knock out! I could have it knocked out in the next 24 hours. Or I could sleep. Well, I could kinda sleep. Napping with John home from school is more possible than it used to be but still not great by any stretch of the imagination. I'm in the process of doing a re-watch marathon of Haven on Netflix so maybe I'll knock out a couple more episodes of that on the bike. I'm already signed up for the September challenge -- another 1500 minutes but only 30 days to do it in. John starts school on the 2nd which means life goes back to normal so I'm not at all worried about getting it done.

Friday, August 22, 2014

See ya later, BodyBugg .... or not.

I just cancelled my BodyMedia subscription. Again. And, I think, for the final time.

I've already decided that I'm going to put at least part of the $7 a month towards a subscription for Acorn since I geek out so much over what they offer to stream. Like the original Poldark series. And all of Murdoch Mysteries. And Poirot. And Monty Python. And Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. And .... ooooh I'm NEVER going to run out of things to watch!

What I have NOT decided, though, is what to do with the Bugg. (It is a Bugg but acts/works/responds like a BodyMedia Link.) Sell it? Give it? Let it collect dust in a drawer somewhere? Eh. I'll figure it out later. Right now I have a date with a bodice-ripper from the 1970's ...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

What to do, what to do ....

The hardest part about not smoking right now? Figuring out what to do with myself. I'm at work (of course) and right about now I would normally be taking a leisurely break outside and there's no real reason to go outside. I really wish I had free reign over the fitness center in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep and there's nothing going on. But I don't .... so it's watching tv on my ipad and playing stupid games on Facebook and obsessing over low-carb food porn. Yeah yeah yeah .... I'll probably be going back to LCHF although not immediately because that whole money issue is still an issue. In a couple of weeks, though, I should be able to do some good stocking up on stuff. I hope. In so many ways it would be so easy to just keep on keeping on with 99 cents boxes of pasta and 89 cent jars of spaghetti sauce .... but the pasta doesn't satisfy me hardly at all and I end up eating waaaaaay too much of it and then feeling like butt. John doesn't even really like pasta much so it'll no hardship for him if I stop buying it. Blah. I really kinda want to go hunt down one of the guys in one of the smoking rooms and ask to bum a fag. (He's Scottish so he'll understand.) But I won't. Maybe if I go back to reading it'll take my mind off things. I'm just over half-way through Joe Hill's Horns and I'm absolutely loving it! When I'm done with it I think I'll have to get my hands on some of his other things. Eventually. And I'll definitely be seeing the movie after it comes out this Halloween. Of course, the movie trailer is how I found out about the book ... and I found about the movie because it stars Daniel Radcliffe (you know -- Harry Potter?) and Juno Temple (who, for me, will always be Celia from St Trinian's).
But it's hard for me to read at work when I'm already tired because it tends to make me more tired ... and now that I'm thinking about St. Trinian's maybe I'll just watch that instead. At least the first one.
Maybe the second, too, if everyone stays asleep and behaving themselves long enough!
Or maybe I'll just stay distracted by YouTube trailers ....