Friday, January 31, 2014

Today's the day!

I only have 11.5 miles left until I hit the 1,000 mile mark since October 8th. I technically have until February 4th and the Biggest Loser Finale to hit it .... but today's going to be the day (unless I do something like break my leg between now and the time I get to my bike). I'm going to miss having it over my head but John reminds me every single day that he and I are supposed to start working out together. Saturday, sweetie. Let me just get the bike out of the way first. (Not physically, of course. I like it sitting right where it is. It looms and leers and beckons.) I know that he'll want to probably start with the Wii workouts which is fine by me. We may even throw some Wii Sports into the mix because we can both play and get pretty active while doing so. AND thanks to the wonderful world of BillMeLater I'm not even waiting for thee ol' tax refund for the balance board.... I'll just pay it when that shows up. (Just ordered -- it should be here within the week!) Don't know why it took me so long to think of just doing it that way. I guess I'm just so used to ordering everything I need/want through Amazon with the 2 day shipping through Prime.

3 1/2 hours left to go for the work week. I thought maybe I could think up more to write about to make the time pass a little more but still .....
Speaking of Sherlock, I'm currently about halfway through The Sherlockian from The Reading Plan post. I suppose I'll see about getting more of that done...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh, Thursday, how I've missed you!

It is currently 6:15am Thursday morning which means about 45 minutes left to my shift and then only one more shift until my weekend begins! It's felt like an awfully long week in an awfully lot of very cold ways. I was checking the 5-day forecast earlier and it looks like we're headed into a heat wave which makes me almost as happy as knowing that I'm heading into my weekend.

I'm even totally okay with the rain/snow yuck on Sunday. I can stay home in my pajamas all day long if I want to! Of course, they will have to be pajamas that I feel comfortable working out in seeing as how the new 6 Week Thing will be underway.

Oh! Speaking of the 6 Week Thing I was telling Tom (and, therefore, John) about it a little bit and my young'un says that he wants to exercise with me. Quite possibly in the mornings before he even goes to school (he thinks it might help burn off some of his excess energy and help him focus better). Pretty cool, eh? Of course, he's tough. It's almost as if he's in training to be a personal trainer already. At 7. Actually, he started a couple of years ago ... which may be one of the reasons why I tend to prefer doing videos when he's at school ...

Finally got my taxes all filed and taken care of yesterday morning. Not as much of a refund as I've been getting because I had to pull my 401-K from my last job and it threw things for a bit of a loop but I'll still be able to pay a bunch of bills and get that Wii Fit Plus I've been eyeing. Sooner or later.

And now it's 6:27am and I have some things still left to do at work so I should probably do them. I suppose.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Once again, I have a thing!

"I have a thing. It's like a plan, but with more greatness."
(The Doctor in "Vincent & The Doctor")

It's been another quiet night at work tonight. I watched tonight's Supernatural, the latest Biggest Loser Australia, and four workout videos. Yep. I sat here and just let them run on my Amazon Instant Video app to see if I thought they would kill me if I actually tried doing them. Granted, I only watched level one of each of them but that's where I'd be starting anyway. No reason to scare myself too much too early, right? I also came up with 6 Week Challenge calendars for my FiloFax:
Yep, they're blank except for the dates (February 1st all the way to January 2nd 2015). I still haven't quite figured out what my plan is, exactly. And there isn't much reason for the 6 weeks. It just seems to be what a lot of challenges are and it fit.

Anyhoo, the videos I watched were The Biggest Loser's Cardio Max and Power Sculpt, and then Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred and Shred-It With Weights. 30DS is the only one that truly scares me of the four and I think that might be because I've attempted it and given up before. Of course, until the 1,000 mile bike challenge that's almost in the bag, I've pretty much given up on everything I've attempted before.

That's why I'm still here.

SOOOOO here's my thinking. I want to keep biking but I really want to add some video workouts in, too, and that includes the Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum I have for our Wii (even though I don't have the balance board yet). The videos are probably best done on days when Tom's off at work and John's off at school ... either before John gets home or right after he leaves. That's Tuesday-Friday. Saturday-Monday are typically my heavy bike days since I'm off from work and once Tom gets home from his work on Saturdays we tend to catch up on the shows we dvr to watch together .... and I can do that on the bike.

Tuesday-Friday I'll rotate the videos. Not sure if it'll be just the BL ones or all four. I think maybe just the Biggest Loser ones for now. I may even sneak in an extra on Mondays when Tom falls asleep in his recliner like he tends to do. Or maybe Monday will be my Wii day. That sounds like good idea. Actually, since John spends a crapton of time playing Minecraft on Saturdays & Sundays I should be able to sneak upstairs to Wii on either/both of those days, too. He may even join me from time to time!

I don't think I'll bother typing them in to the calendar templates. I think I'll just write them in as I do them.

The 6 Week Thing ... for now (and yes, I know I'll need a rest day here and there):

Saturday - Wii and/or Bike
Sunday - Wii and/or Bike
Monday - Wii and/or Bike
Tuesday - Cardio Max
Wednesday - Power Sculpt
Thursday - Cardio Max
Friday - Power Sculpt

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

36 to go ...

Monday got me 20 miles closer to my 1,000 mile goal:
and now I'm in a mental panic about not already having the next "what to do" in place!

It would be easier if I had a clue when my tax refund will be showing up.
Which would be easier to figure if I had a clue when the last of my needed forms will be arriving.

You see, if I knew when those would be popping up I'd know when I'd be able to buy a balance board for our Wii and I would just plan based around that and the Jillian Michaels "game" that Tom got me .... but oooooh no. That would be too easy. (The balance board and some new-to-me classic Revere Ware are my planned tax gifts to myself for this year .... if I ever get my taxes filed and refunded!)

So now the idea is to tackle my Biggest Loser Power Sculpt & Cardio Max workouts. I bought them through Amazon Instant so only have them digitally. I've read lots of places online that say that there's a recommended rotation on how to use the two workouts together .... but, of course, no one seems to be able to say what that is. Maybe it's on the actual dvds .... which, of course, I don't have. 

Maybe instead of trying to set something concrete I'll just set a goal of a certain number of minutes of whatever per week or .... whatever.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Three weeks (and one day) into 2014

So there's been a whole lotta nothing going on... except for this:
The scale hasn't been my friend. The water I swore I would drink only exists in what goes into my Keurig to make my coffee. I keep forgetting the bottle of multivitamins even exists. I tossed in the towel on the squats and pushups way early in the game. My blog writing/reading has been blah at best. And I've tweaked. BUT I've been rocking the bike and have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I'll hit the goal of 1000 miles by February 4th. THEN I'll start freaking out over everything else. Or, at least, something else.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Reading Thing - 2014

"I have a Thing. It's like a plan but with more greatness."
- The Doctor

I've mentioned before, I believe, that I have more books than I know what to do with and it kinda makes my head spin sometimes trying to figure out what to read next. I'm coming up with a game plan, though!

Some of the ones on my list are re-reads, some will be first-timers. I'm not about to figure out which is which. I also can't seem to stop acquiring books so all of this is subject to change based on new arrivals that I just have to read immediately. Most series I stagger. I marathon tv shows no problem, but typically I have to spread out books.

And, yes ...the links are all affiliate links. If you buy, I get a teeny % added to my account so I can buy more.
  1. Something Wicked (Death on Demand #3) - Carolyn Hart DONE 1/19/14
  2. Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson #2) - Rick Riordan DONE 1/22/14
  3. The Great Jackalope Stampede (Jackrabbit Junction #3) - Ann Charles DONE 1/25/14
  4. The Sherlockian - Graham Moore DONE 1/31/14
  5. Murder Most Frothy (Coffeehouse Mysteries #4) - Cleo Coyle DONE 2/04/14
  6. Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun #1) - Deanna Chase DONE 2/08/14
  7. Hollow City (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children #2) - Ransom Riggs DONE 2/12/14
  8. Doctor Who: Summer Falls DONE 2/12/14
  9. Shitake Happens (Shitake Mysteries Prequels) - Patricia Mason DONE 2/12/14
  10. In Deep Shitake (Shitake Mysteries #1) - Patricia Mason DONE 2/18/14
  11. A Very Shitake Christmas (Shitake Mysteries #1.5) - Patricia Mason DONE 2/18/14
  12. After the Armistice Ball (Dandy Gilver Mystery 1) - Catriona McPherson DONE 3/6/14
  13. Honeymoon With Murder (Death on Demand #4) - Carolyn Hart DONE 3/17/14
  14. The Devil's Grin (Kronberg Crimes #1) - Annelie Wendeberg DONE 3/26/14
  15. A Raucous Time (Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1) - Julia Hughes DONE 4/02/14
  16. A Ripple In Time (Celtic Cousins' Adventures #2) - Julia Hughes DONE 4/07/14
  17. An Explosive Time (Celtic Cousins' Adventures #3) - Julia Hughes DONE 4/08/14
  18. Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1783-1787 (Poldark #1)- Winston Graham DONE 4/21/14
  19. The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson #3) - Rick Riordan DONE 4/25/14
  20. Witches of Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun #2) - Deanna Chase DONE 5/07/14
  21. Demons of Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun #3) - Deanna Chase DONE 5/09/14
  22. The Burry Man's Day (Dandy Gilver Mystery 2) - Catriona McPherson DONE 5/23/14
  23. Ghost In Trouble (Bailey Ruth #3) - Carolyn Hart DONE 5/30/14
  24. Demelza: A Novel of Cornwall, 1788-1790 (Poldark #2) - Winston Graham DONE 6/26/14
  25. Jeremy Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall, 1790-1791 (Poldark #3) - Winston Graham DONE 7/03/14
  26. Warleggan (Poldark #4) - Winston Graham DONE 7/15/14
  27. Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters #1) - Heather Graham DONE 7/19/14
  28. The Ghost and Mrs McClure (Haunted Bookshop #1) - Alice Kimberly DONE 7/24/14
  29. Outlander (Outlander #1) - Diana Gabaldon DONE 8/04/14
  30. The Battle of the Labyrinth (Percy Jackson #4) - Rick Riordan DONE 8/06/14
  31. A Little Class on Murder (Death on Demand #5) - Carolyn Hart DONE 8/14/14
  32. Horns - Joe Hill DONE 8/24/14
  33. Bury Her Deep (Dandy Gilver Mystery 3) - Catriona McPherson DONE 8/30/14
  34. An Ex to Grind (Deadwood #5) - Ann Charles DONE 9/09/14
  35. Bellweather Rhapsody - Kate Racculia DONE 9/15/14
  36. The Black Moon (Poldark #5) - Winston Graham DONE 9/30/14
  37. Murder in the Mystery Suite - Ellery Adams DONE 10/08/14
  38. Sick of Shadows (Elizabeth MacPherson #1) - Sharyn McCrumb DONE 10/14/13
  39. Heart of Evil (Krewe of Hunters #2) - Heather Graham DONE10/21/14
  40. Decaffeinated Corpse (Coffeehouse Mysteries #5) - Cleo Coyle DONE 10/23/14
  41. The Christie Caper (Death on Demand #7) - Carolyn G Hart DONE 11/04/14
  42. Shakespeare's Landlord (Lily Bard #1) - Charlaine Harris DONE 11/07/14
  43. Shakespeare's Champion (Lily Bard #2) - Charlaine Harris DONE 11/12/14
  44. Shakespeare's Christmas (Lily Bard #3) - Charlaine Harris DONE 11/14/14
  45. The Adventure of the Manufactured Miracle (Midwinter Mysteries #1) - Craig Janacek DONE 11/16/14
    The Adventure of the First Star (Midwinter Mysteries #2) - Craig Janacek DONE 11/19/14
  46. French Pressed (Coffeehouse Mysteries #6) - Cleo Coyle DONE 11/21/14
  47. Espresso Shot (Coffeehouse Mysteries #7) - Cleo Coyle DONE 11/23/14
  48. Holiday Buzz (Coffeehouse Mysteries #12) - Cleo Coyle DONE 11/26/14
  49. Holiday Grind (Coffeehouse Mysteries #8) - Cleo Coyle DONE 12/02/14
  50. Rest You Merry (Peter Shandy #1) - Charlotte MacLeod DONE 12/09/14
  51. Mistletoe Murder (Lucy Stone #1) - Leslie Meier GAVE UP IN DISGUST 12/12/14
  52. The Stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore DONE 12/16/14
  53. Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School #1) - Gail Carriger DONE 12/23/14
  54. The Restorer (Graveyard Queen #1) - Amanda Stevens GAVE UP (for now) 12/25/14
  55. Her Royal Spyness (Royal Spyness #1) - Rhys Bowen DONE 12/30/14

Friday, January 17, 2014

So how's THIS for depressing?

As of right now (I have yet to get on the bike today) I've pedaled 825.6 miles since October 8th.

As of Wednesday morning for my ShrinkingJeans check-in .... I've lost .... oh wait. No, I haven't.

October 8th I weighed in at 205.

Wednesday I weighed in at 208.4

Fuckity fuck.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Someone remind me ...

that only losing .2 while my uterus has been wreaking havoc is a good thing. Please?!? I don't know why but I was expecting more.

Oh, I know why.

I've been KILLING it on the bike lately!

I'm finally under 200 miles left for my challenge!!!

And .... yeah. That's it. Maybe later there'll be more but right now I have to go get my darling kid off the bus and try to avoid chocolate.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let's just pretend it's still Monday, okay?

Last week I told myself that this week I wouldn't forget about wanting to do Friend Makin' Monday from All The Weigh. And, of course, I forgot. At least it's only BARELY Tuesday ... in some parts of the world ...

<snipped from All The Weigh>

If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section over at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!

Taboo Topics

1. Are you a registered voter? Yes.

2. Do you believe in GOD? Yes.

3. How has your readership changed since you first began blogging? I'm the Dexter of bloggers. I've killed off more than I care to think about. When I first started I had quite a steady growth but then it got so big and overwhelming that I killed the blog (I apparently don't deal well with being popular! LOL). And then the next. And the next. And at this point I have a small handful of folks I know read from time to time ... maybe. They're probably just waiting to see how long it'll take for me to give up and kill this one, too.

4. If you could choose between a serious relationship or $100,000, which would you choose? The relationship ... as long as I get to keep the relationship I'm in!

5. Have you ever changed political parties? Not really. My parents brought me up thinking that I should be Republican but the first time I registered I did so as a Democrat and never looked back.

6. If you were put in a position in which you had to be in a room with someone that you can’t stand, how would you handle the situation? How big is the room??? I'm pretty good at avoiding people even in tight quarters.

7. Do you ever eat in secret because you don’t want anyone to see what you consume? I have. I don't feel the need to anymore, though.

8. Do you use curse words in your daily conversations? More so than I would like to.

9. How much do you tip when you’ve had decent service at a restaurant? I try to at least double the tip. There have been times when the service has been so exceptional that they get more.

10. How do you respond when someone confronts you? It totally depends on the situation. I can be a snarky bitch ... or I can just hide under my blankets and cry over it.

I have GOT to get better about this!

So maybe we should just deal with the fact that I suck at blogging. I do it in my head all the time .... but getting it from there to your screen? Meh.

Maybe that will be one of my goals for February.



It's already on my goal list for January.

Of course, that was before I realized that we'd have to deal with the death of Tom's grandfather, a lingering cold that's kicking my ass, and an unexpected battle with my uterus.

It's still only the 13th (for 2 more minutes here on the east coast). There's still time to be a better blogger in January .... right???

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


If you know me in real life or even online but off the blog you probably know I have eating issues ... like, I get busy and forget to eat kinda eating issues. I've been working REALLY hard at overcoming that but now I'm running into a new issue ... a burn too many calories and get my net all out of whack issue. I work third shift (11pm-7am) so sleep when my son is in school for a bit and then also get a pre-work nap in. Today I knocked off 15 miles on my recumbent right before my pre-work nap and ended up sending my net calories down to under 300. Not good. Sooooo I'm fudging it a bit with MyFitnessPal and my tracking for the day. Rather than tracking everything I'll eat at work tonight (which, now, is quite a lot more than usual) as the start of my Thursday it's going on as the end of my Wednesday and, hopefully, it'll all work itself out in the end.

Oh. And I stepped on the scale today out of curiosity. Down another 1.2 since my actual Saturday morning weighin. Not quite sure how the hell that happened since I also got the sad realization that, yet again, my uterus hates me today .... but I'll take it!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In the words of Becka, "Holy Spit!"

So this happened on Monday:
Yes, that's the display from my recumbent.
Yes, that says 30 miles for distance.
Yes, I reset it each day before I start to pedal.

You see, I got on it right as Tom and I were about to start watching the two episodes of Treehouse Masters we had saved on the dvr. Then I watched the latest Castle. Then I watched the latest Father Brown. Then it was time to get ready to go get John off the bus and head out to his great-grandmother's for a visit

30 miles in one day. And I'm still able to walk ... and sit.

It's unlikely to happen again anytime soon. It does make my daily average needed to hit the 1,000 under 10 miles a day, though. Not MUCH under 10, but under 10. Still not sure I'll pull it off since I'm guessing my body will say "rest, bitch" at some point soon .... but it's possible!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Imaginary blog posts & other stuff

Have you ever dreamt that you blogged .... only to discover that it's actually been several days since you really posted anything??? I know I've had a lot on my mind lately but good grief! Let me assure you, the posts written in my sleep were far more exciting than anything I'm going to bother writing now. I'm awfully sorry you missed out on them.

Things are going. I've already dropped the ball big-time on the Shrinking Jeans squats & push-ups since squats aren't happening with my knee BUT I've at least been doing the push-ups (kinda -- I do them off the kitchen counter) and I've knocked off a bunch more miles on my bike. At this point I've got 322 miles left to hit the 1,000 and 31 days until the 4th. That's still over 10 miles a day and still hurts my brain to think about .... but I may pull it off. It's hard when I'm so overly tired so much of the time, but if I just sit there and pedal while watching tv or whatever I don't really think about it.

Speaking of reading I needing to decide what I want to read next. I've got SOOOOOOO many books to choose from between my Kindle app and actual books. I've been re-reading Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand series but typically do a "read one, read something else, go back to the next one in the series" kinda deal .... and I'm almost done with the one I've been reading. I think maybe The Sherlockian by Graham Moore. I've had it for years and have meant to read it many times only to get distracted by something shiny.

Or maybe one of my many Christopher Moore's.

Or Neil Gaiman.

Or I'll get back into reading Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mysteries.




Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tweakity tweak tweak

The great big pile o' fun for the first handful of hours of 2014 : tweaking my BodyMedia and MyFitnessPal accounts. I went back and found my absolutely most sedentary day in my BodyMedia Activity Manager (which was December 8th, in case you were wondering) and pulled the numbers for my total calorie burn (or lack thereof). I set that number as my new target burn so everything I do above that is actual activity. Hopefully the tweaks will help me do away with that horrid 211 I saw on the scale this week. I hate that number. A lot.

As for intake: I'll still be tracking that on MyFitnessPal. I would just track my food BM, too, but I have SO much already saved on MFP and some really good friends I don't want to lose touch with. I'll keep an eye on BM for deficits but MFP will be where I plop stuff in.

And I'm going to try really hard not to tweak again for at least the month of January.

I'm a tweaker.

It won't be easy.

Also not easy: still having 365.8 miles left to go by the end of February 4th. I seem to be coming down with one of those "all I want to do is curl up under the blankets with a book" kind of colds so the idea of having to spend 10-11 miles on the bike every day in order to hit it kinda bites.

So there are two goals for January so far: no more tweaking and a lot of pedaling.

What else?

*Multivitamins. I have them but rarely remember to take them.

*Water. I need to drink more of it. I've got a lovely collection of water bottles so it shouldn't be so hard. I just tend to gravitate more to the coffee maker than anyplace else when I'm thirsty. Hey, at least it's made from water, right?

*#WLBootCamp. I've been following ShrinkingJeans for a long time now .... I think I may be ready to dive in and get involved.

New Year's Boot Camp Weight Loss Challenge with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

* Blogging. Read more, write more, connect more. If I have time to watch oodles of episodes of Lost Girl in any given night I should have time to be a better blogger. One would think. It would help if all blogs had at least semi-regular appearances by Paul Amos or Rob Archer. Sidebar pics would be adequate. I could even supply a couple of options:
from HERE


from HERE