Wednesday, January 8, 2014


If you know me in real life or even online but off the blog you probably know I have eating issues ... like, I get busy and forget to eat kinda eating issues. I've been working REALLY hard at overcoming that but now I'm running into a new issue ... a burn too many calories and get my net all out of whack issue. I work third shift (11pm-7am) so sleep when my son is in school for a bit and then also get a pre-work nap in. Today I knocked off 15 miles on my recumbent right before my pre-work nap and ended up sending my net calories down to under 300. Not good. Sooooo I'm fudging it a bit with MyFitnessPal and my tracking for the day. Rather than tracking everything I'll eat at work tonight (which, now, is quite a lot more than usual) as the start of my Thursday it's going on as the end of my Wednesday and, hopefully, it'll all work itself out in the end.

Oh. And I stepped on the scale today out of curiosity. Down another 1.2 since my actual Saturday morning weighin. Not quite sure how the hell that happened since I also got the sad realization that, yet again, my uterus hates me today .... but I'll take it!

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