Sunday, January 5, 2014

Imaginary blog posts & other stuff

Have you ever dreamt that you blogged .... only to discover that it's actually been several days since you really posted anything??? I know I've had a lot on my mind lately but good grief! Let me assure you, the posts written in my sleep were far more exciting than anything I'm going to bother writing now. I'm awfully sorry you missed out on them.

Things are going. I've already dropped the ball big-time on the Shrinking Jeans squats & push-ups since squats aren't happening with my knee BUT I've at least been doing the push-ups (kinda -- I do them off the kitchen counter) and I've knocked off a bunch more miles on my bike. At this point I've got 322 miles left to hit the 1,000 and 31 days until the 4th. That's still over 10 miles a day and still hurts my brain to think about .... but I may pull it off. It's hard when I'm so overly tired so much of the time, but if I just sit there and pedal while watching tv or whatever I don't really think about it.

Speaking of reading I needing to decide what I want to read next. I've got SOOOOOOO many books to choose from between my Kindle app and actual books. I've been re-reading Carolyn Hart's Death on Demand series but typically do a "read one, read something else, go back to the next one in the series" kinda deal .... and I'm almost done with the one I've been reading. I think maybe The Sherlockian by Graham Moore. I've had it for years and have meant to read it many times only to get distracted by something shiny.

Or maybe one of my many Christopher Moore's.

Or Neil Gaiman.

Or I'll get back into reading Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mysteries.




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  1. You rock sister, as shiny objects are often the bane of my existence! And I too have fallen behind on the squats challenge but unlike you, I don't have a valid reason.... oops.... anyway... here's to you finding something to read while you bike!