Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oh, Thursday, how I've missed you!

It is currently 6:15am Thursday morning which means about 45 minutes left to my shift and then only one more shift until my weekend begins! It's felt like an awfully long week in an awfully lot of very cold ways. I was checking the 5-day forecast earlier and it looks like we're headed into a heat wave which makes me almost as happy as knowing that I'm heading into my weekend.

I'm even totally okay with the rain/snow yuck on Sunday. I can stay home in my pajamas all day long if I want to! Of course, they will have to be pajamas that I feel comfortable working out in seeing as how the new 6 Week Thing will be underway.

Oh! Speaking of the 6 Week Thing I was telling Tom (and, therefore, John) about it a little bit and my young'un says that he wants to exercise with me. Quite possibly in the mornings before he even goes to school (he thinks it might help burn off some of his excess energy and help him focus better). Pretty cool, eh? Of course, he's tough. It's almost as if he's in training to be a personal trainer already. At 7. Actually, he started a couple of years ago ... which may be one of the reasons why I tend to prefer doing videos when he's at school ...

Finally got my taxes all filed and taken care of yesterday morning. Not as much of a refund as I've been getting because I had to pull my 401-K from my last job and it threw things for a bit of a loop but I'll still be able to pay a bunch of bills and get that Wii Fit Plus I've been eyeing. Sooner or later.

And now it's 6:27am and I have some things still left to do at work so I should probably do them. I suppose.


  1. Woo hoo! John wants to burn off energy? By all means! Lol Johnny doesn't seem to get active until the car ride to school... not good.

    As for the heat wave? Enjoy it! Its been a little warmer here (which means much warmer than there sadly) but it is supposed to get bad again next week, or so I've heard. Blech...

  2. Heat wave?? That would be an arctic blast here! I hope you enjoy the warmer (for you) weather!