Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Three weeks (and one day) into 2014

So there's been a whole lotta nothing going on... except for this:
The scale hasn't been my friend. The water I swore I would drink only exists in what goes into my Keurig to make my coffee. I keep forgetting the bottle of multivitamins even exists. I tossed in the towel on the squats and pushups way early in the game. My blog writing/reading has been blah at best. And I've tweaked. BUT I've been rocking the bike and have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I'll hit the goal of 1000 miles by February 4th. THEN I'll start freaking out over everything else. Or, at least, something else.

1 comment:

  1. I hadn't posted anything either in about a week... but you need to update this, girl, cause you are almost there! I gave up on the squats too... ugh... I'm so lazy... lol