Friday, January 31, 2014

Today's the day!

I only have 11.5 miles left until I hit the 1,000 mile mark since October 8th. I technically have until February 4th and the Biggest Loser Finale to hit it .... but today's going to be the day (unless I do something like break my leg between now and the time I get to my bike). I'm going to miss having it over my head but John reminds me every single day that he and I are supposed to start working out together. Saturday, sweetie. Let me just get the bike out of the way first. (Not physically, of course. I like it sitting right where it is. It looms and leers and beckons.) I know that he'll want to probably start with the Wii workouts which is fine by me. We may even throw some Wii Sports into the mix because we can both play and get pretty active while doing so. AND thanks to the wonderful world of BillMeLater I'm not even waiting for thee ol' tax refund for the balance board.... I'll just pay it when that shows up. (Just ordered -- it should be here within the week!) Don't know why it took me so long to think of just doing it that way. I guess I'm just so used to ordering everything I need/want through Amazon with the 2 day shipping through Prime.

3 1/2 hours left to go for the work week. I thought maybe I could think up more to write about to make the time pass a little more but still .....
Speaking of Sherlock, I'm currently about halfway through The Sherlockian from The Reading Plan post. I suppose I'll see about getting more of that done...


  1. Do you think you will be glad when you are done with the bike? 1000 miles is quite a lot to take on, but you did it! I've been thinking of doing something similar with walking when it gets a little warmer here. I despise walking in the cold. No thanks! lol John will be a good helper :)

  2. haha this is how I feel at work tonight!!