Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another day

Today I hit my half hour of activity before 9:30am thanks to John and I walking over to the grocery store and back first thing this morning. THEN, just because I wanted to, I also put in just under an hour on my bike. I don't have any miles lingering over my head anymore ... I just love that fool bike and wanted to. I'm really glad I thought to do it early because I ended up getting some new ink on my thigh this evening and there's no way I could peddle now!
The quote (one of my favorites from Jillian Michaels) was done a while back. The girl sitting above it was drawn by a dear dear friend and posted, originally, on Instagram. I decided she needed a red hoodie and socks but otherwise it's all Jenn thanks to my in-house tattoo artist, Tom. Sleeping is going to be interesting since I tend to sleep on my left side ... and even if I sleep on my right side the blankets will be weighing on it. It's going to be one of those "damned if I do, damned if I don't" deals. In the long haul, though, it'll be worth a night or two of discomfort (and possibly a rest day from exercise tomorrow) because it's freaking awesome. I think the picture works perfectly with the quote, don't you?

It's currently just after 6pm and I'm watching Biggest Loser Australia on my iPad and debating what to eat. Yesterday I had an almost non-existent deficit and today it looks like I may have more of a deficit than I'm typically comfortable with. I guess if we combine the two days together it'll balance out. That works, right?

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  1. The ink is awesome! I'd say definitely worth the discomfort for a few days :-)