Saturday, February 1, 2014

I did it! I really REALLY did!

Last night two wonderful things happened:

  1. I hit the 1,000 mile mark on my recumbent for the challenge I started for myself October 8th -- and 4 days earlier than my "deadline," too!
  2. I finished The Sherlockian which means I'm WAY ahead of schedule on my GoodReads Challenge!

Next up is Cleo Coyle's Murder Most Frothy from her Coffeehouse Mystery series. Now, I grabbed the first pile of books in the series a few years back and immediately flew through the first three books. Then I got to this one and I don't know if life got in the way or what but I never made it past the first few chapters. SO I'm giving it another try. If I find that I don't want to keep reading it a few chapters in I'll have some serious readjusting to do to The Reading Plan since I made it with the assumption that I'd be diving back into the series. We'll see, I guess!

So, it being the first day of February, here's where I am for stats compared to the first day of January:
Weight: 207.6 -- down 3.4 since January 1
Waist: 39" -- down half an inch since January 1
Hips: 49" -- same as January 1

At some point today John and I are going to be getting in some exercise with the Wii even if it's a few rounds of Wii Sports games. He's all gung-ho about helping me out with this right now. We'll see how long that lasts, though!


  1. Fantastic job!! I really need to get my butt in gear about the reading!

  2. Awesome job on both counts! I finished my book last night, and I've halfway through another forever... I'm having a hard time wanting to read it... Maybe I will get further in it today. Enjoy your Wii! I think I will be getting a few "fit" games for our own.