Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Man oh man!

My weekend was a bit on the exhausting side -- Saturday morning my federal refund ended up getting deposited earlier than I had expected so I spent a large chunk of the morning paying bills and seeing how quickly it diminished. Then John and I hit the Wii Fit Plus for a while. Sunday morning we hit Super Walmart for a mega-grocery spree (plus some new sneakers for growth-spurt boy) and almost as soon as we had everything put away we were out the door again to head out to Tom's folks' house and then to his grandmother's. I hit the bike for a little bit after that and at some point in the midst of everything I got slammed with some serious sinus/cold issues. Popped some Benadryl and slept okay off and on and then grabbed some actual sinus medicine from the drugstore after getting John off to school Monday morning. Of course since I still have to work all week I got the non-drowsy kind which still ended up knocking me loopy. Managed some time on the bike, though, since I knew I wouldn't be able to stay upright enough to attempt the Wii. Went to bed early and when I woke up didn't dare take anything before heading in to work since, you know, passing out in a "non-drowsy"-cold-pill-induced coma would probably be frowned upon. So instead I've dealt with the last 6 1/2 hours of sneezing and shivering (in spite of having the heat cranked to 78) and trying to breathe without sounding like Darth Vader. And the worst part of all of it for me??? Having to miss out on my Wii Fit Plus workouts. Even though the calorie burn isn't as high as it has been with the bike I've found I really quite enjoy it... even when it gets so hard I think I might curl up in a fetal position on the balance board and cry. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon....


  1. I hope you feel better soon!!! I just got over a killer sinus infection, so I know about working with out taking the meds, for some reason bosses frown on us being out of it!

  2. Thats one tight fetal position if you can fit on the board.... lol just saying ;-). Sorry you feel cruddy! I wish I could find a REAL non-drowsy miracle cure-all, then we would both be better! Feel better soon!!!

  3. What is your favorite Wii Fit plus "game"?

    1. I think the cycling ... even though it's really just jogging in place while steering. I get a big kick out of it -- until I hit the scary rope bridges. I've NEVER been a fan of scary rope bridges :)