Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So ... very ... ugh

Had a good weekend with a good amount of sleep and a great day out Sunday with my guy-folk to see The Lego Movie .... but I'm just .... ugh.

We've got a large rather-needy group at the hotel right now that are fine as long as they're sleeping .... but they wake up way too early and the neediness starts. They aren't horrific or mean spirited or even grumpy (which amazes me considering HOW early they all wake up) .... BUT. Maybe it was just a first morning learning curve for them and it'll go smoother getting them situated and out for the rest of their stay. One can only hope because something about it all is just throwing me for a loop.

Actually, I don't know if it's actually them. It could be the weather. We actually had a couple of pretty decent days and then the snow and wind and extreme cold came back. If it were consistent I'd not complain so much but it's the constant inconsistency that drags me down.

And SPEAKING of constant inconsistency, much could be the same about my eating and exercise. I wanted to get on the bike today but was too wiped out from shoveling at work and then home. By the time I was feeling over that it was pretty much time for me to take my pre-work nap. It's supposed to snow Wednesday again but not enough (so they say) to have it be problematic. Who knows, maybe I'll even squeak in some miles before John even heads to school. Seems more productive than Candy Crush...

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