Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Yuck Continues

I'm still not feeling great ... and we got a call from the school nurse very early into the school day saying we (okay, Tom -- I was sleeping) had to pick up John ... AND I got less than half of my normal post-work nap because I kept rolling over onto my thigh which still hurts like samhell.

BUT the Wii Fit Plus got delivered today so once we're all done being on the verge of death we can get that hooked up and going ....

Which should help counteract that "eh" associated with this:
Before/During/After pics have been the "thing" in one of my groups the past few days so before my pathetic attempt at a nap I did one. 206.8 is what the scale is claiming today. Hopefully we'll see some progress at some point!

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