Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The Wii Fit Plus still says I'm unbalanced. I wonder, sometimes, if it means mentally .... but then my smallish trainer has me play something like the Skateboarding coarse and I realize that I'm just really REALLY unbalanced physically .... too. So, yeah. I kinda sucked at the skateboarding yesterday BUT I'm getting better at the obstacle course and he finished me off with the Island Cycling. I kinda wanted to go back to the Beginner course but oooooooh no he had me do the Island View Course which is unlocked after completion of the Advanced course.

And then I thought I was going to collapse.

So I did ....

.... and we played a couple of levels of his new Lego Harry Potter game. (He hasn't read the books OR seen the movies yet but not he wants to because of the game!)

Not sure what I'll be feeling up to doing today. I'm already exhausted and wanting a really long nap that won't happen. Maybe I'll hit the bike for a bit and start on one of the books I added onto The Reading Plan tonight. It was featured in one of the many free/cheap ebook emails I get and looked like something I would enjoy since it's got the mafia (and I've been going through Boardwalk Empire withdrawal) AND takes place in upstate New York! Not exactly where I am in this great big snowball of a state, but that's okay. It got decent reviews on Amazon and was free. I also sprung the buck for the sequel just in case it ends up going up in price by the time I decide I want to read it, too. So, 50 cents a pop for the two books. Well, 49 1/2 .... whatever. Worth a shot, right?


  1. Good job on getting on the Wii Fit! I'm unbalanced too!

  2. I really want to get Wii Fit, have for a while now. Maybe with the meager taxes. I'm sure it will say I'm unbalanced before I even step on it.... hmmm.... You'll get better though, the more you do it.