Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wake-up Call!

We got a new recumbent bike delivered yesterday. Mine was about 10 years old and didn't have any tension to it anymore (and was pretty cheap and basic to begin with even brand new), so Tom decided to upgrade us.

I don't think I'll be attempting any mile challenges with it for a while because Oh. My. Ow. I let John decide what I was going to do today for the "course" and he chose Pyramids. The default time is 15 minutes but I upped it to 30 because, well, 15 sounded pathetic.

Almost died after the 30 .... but I still had 15 minutes left to the show I was watching so figured I might as well do a "fun ride" course for the final 15.

No idea what the mileage was and my BodyBugg wasn't placed properly, I guess, because even though I'm sweating my ass off it only picked up 15 minutes of moderate activity .... but it's all good ....

1 comment:

  1. Ah come on? Not going to attempt 1000 miles again any time soon? lol Glad you got a new bike! I am going to start my activity again on the 1st. Got to stop being a fatty... *sigh* Especially since someone was awesome enough to make these really awesome calendars to track workouts ;)