Saturday, February 15, 2014


John actually tucked me in to bed last night and then let me sleep in this morning I was SO exhausted after all the shoveling at work and then not sleeping during the day because he had a snow day yesterday. 10 1/2 hours of sleep registered with my Bugg since still woke up at 6:30 in spite of the small one being good about not getting me out of bed even after Tom left for work. The day before only 4 1/2 hours so it was sorta needed!

Woke up, saw that my state refund had been deposited, paid some bills and then John & I walked over to the drugstore so he could get "whatever he wanted" -- which ended up being a couple of clearance plushes, popcorn, Angry Birds puzzle erasers and a Skylanders puzzle eraser. We don't have Skylanders for the Wii yet so I asked if he wanted to see about ordering it when we got home. When it came down to it he opted to get the Lego Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings games instead, though, and I got the Walk It Out game for myself that my friend has been talking about. They should be here on Tuesdayish along with a new cover for my 1st generation iPad. I switched with John and gave him claim to the mini and took back the 1st gen for myself. He plays games that aren't 1st gen compatible and I want the extra memory that our 1st gen has for movies and books and stuff..... but desperately need a new cover/stand for it since he mutilated the ones we had for it while it was in his possession!

Oh. I also stepped on the scale this morning. 207.6 which is up a pound since Tuesday and a number I've seen WAY too often lately. Of course, I had a pretty lousy week for food and lack of exercise. I was all gung-ho at the end of the bike challenge by thinking I'd jump into videos and Wii workouts and be all sorts of awesome.... but with no concrete goal it became more of a "meh ... don't wanna ... don't gotta ... not gonna ..." more often than not.

No more!!!

I'm setting myself a weekly goal of a MINIMUM or 50 miles on the bike and 90 minutes of Wii workouts. 3 30-minutes would do that easy peasy .... in theory ;)  I've got a new tab up top with a calendar where I'll be tracking. BIG thanks to Andy over at Today's the Day I Lose! for the idea!!!

Now. On to the bike! I've got some Australian tv to catch up on ....

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  1. I love the new accountability calendar! I had a pretty lousy week too. I'm starting a 21 day plan on Monday and I really , really hope I can stick with it and get out of this rut!