Monday, March 24, 2014

4 days of 40 minutes

Remember? That's the Spring Into Action mini-challenge for the week.... and I *MAY* pull it off. I got in two real good 40+ minute rides on the recumbent. I walked to/from the grocery store the other day which the Bugg claimed as another 40+ minutes of moderate activity (I feel strange about counting it, though, because I needed to do it. I refuse to pay bus fair for groceries). Today I tried to bike but after about 20 minutes I was feeling miserable. Still am, in fact. It's a pepto & flat gingerale kinda night at work. Didn't even bother bringing any food. We've got soup around here somewhere if I end up starving and decide to risk it. I'm hoping it's just a temporary gurgle and that tomorrow I can knock off my last 40 minutes. I hate the idea of not finishing it! It may be a slow and pathetic 40 but that's okay, too.... right?

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  1. Nothing says you can't get your 40 minutes broken up too.... That's how I ended up doing mine.... because I just didn't seem to have a block of 40 minutes anywhere to do anything. Hope you are feeling better!