Saturday, March 29, 2014

Harry Potter Party Invitations

This is how I spent my morning rather than getting on the bike ... which, I guess, makes it kinda on topic ;)

John's birthday is in June and he decided about two chapters in to reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that he wants a Harry Potter theme for his party. I've been pillaging the web in general and spending lots of time on Pinterest trying to come up with ideas and had a brainstorm late last night on how I might be able to pull off owls to deliver the invitations. My intention was to do one as a trial run but then John got involved and before I knew it we had everything done for the invitations .... except for the actual invitations themselves!

I found a clipart owl that I thought would be fun to use as a template and printed two of them out - one for the body and one for the belly area. The bodies got traced and cut out of colored card stock and the bellies on various sheets of scrapbook paper I have to use as background for lunch pictures. I also found a bag of foam shapes in the dollar bin at our drugstore that I figured would be good for eyes and noses.

But how to get them to hold the invitations?!?!? Glue gun and paperclips to the rescue!

(I actually out the glue directly on the paperclip and then put it on the back of the wing -- but that was impossible to take a picture of!)

Now all I need to do is make the invitations ... and figure out the cake and other food ... and plan out how to make a backyard Quidditch course ... and ... be very thankful I have until June to do it all!


  1. Those look great! If you want a cake idea, check out this snitch we made for Liam!

    1. That is seriously awesome, Andy! I found a Quidditch Lego set that I have already put together and hidden away from prying eyes that I plan on using as a cake topper/present. I think :)