Thursday, March 27, 2014


The stomach bug appears to have left the building! Hooray!!! I wish it had left in time for me to finish off my 4 days of 40 minutes but I only fell short by 20 minutes so that's not SO bad.

This week the Spring Into Action mini-challenge is to step outside of our comfort zones. I joked with some of my challenge peeps that maybe I would try a different flavor of Ben & Jerry's. Really. I was kidding. (Almost entirely.)

I've actually got a couple of things I'm going to tackle this week that typically put me on edge:

* Fitness Over Facebook -- I get out of work at 7amish, home by 7:20ish, and then head John out the door at 8:30ish and am back home and my way to bed 9ish (unless I'm really lucky and the bus is close to on time ... or really UNlucky and it's even later than usual). Besides making sure he gets ready for school and gets his medicine in him all I typically do after getting home is plop myself in front of the computer and putter on Facebook. Because, you know, I don't spend 6-7 hours a night puttering enough at work. I should be able to get myself on the bike for at least half an hour... wouldn't you think?

* Going Public -- Well, not completely public but I have changed my diary setting on MyFitnessPal to not being private. If we're friends you'll be able to see what I've logged ... starting today. I actually went through and deleted about a month and a half of settings. I've tweaked goals and numbers and diary settings and the days I did bother to track just looked ridiculous.

Speaking of tracking, I was thinking making another crack at pre-tracking meals. We all know that's not at all comfortable for me. Then I remembered that my grocery situation is pretty bleak at the moment and might be until next week. I don't even know what I have in my house right now but I know that it's not much.


  1. Fitness over Facebook?? Not really talking about ice cream?? I'm not sure what to say! Lol actually those are very good goals! I was able to see what you ate before though. .... anyway, awesome work!

    1. I had it turned on so friends could see it for, like, a day.

    2. Oh! Lol that makes sense then. :)

  2. I didn't know I could get a stomach bug from reading someone's blog, but I'm glad both our households are on the mend! And good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone!