Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This and That and The Other

This: That whole pre-planning menus idea? Not getting into it. Maybe after a really good grocery trip ... which won't be possible for another couple of weeks at least. Instead I'm prepared with my recipe cards that match my new recipe box and will, hopefully, get filled with lovely noms!

That: The first week of the Shrinking Jeans Spring Into Action challenge is now a thing of the past and cutting the carbs (not completely, but a whole heck of a lot) seems to have helped since I actually lost just over 2 pounds! Of course, yo-yo that I am that means it's just undoing more recent damage done. I'll really start getting giddy about stuff in about 10 more pounds.

The Other: This week our task is to exercise for 40 minutes at least 4 days. I told John that he has to help me get it done. Granted, part of that will be by making sure the floor of his playroom is picked up and Lego-free so I don't kill myself while going for the Wii Fit. Nothing today because he had a half day of school which meant very little sleep for me and I just wasn't feeling it.


  1. hey! Don't get down about things that just aren't happening! If it's not for you, it's not for you. Finding a better fit is what's important. :) and yay for 2 lbs down! Hope you have another successful week with your team!! Just don't forget to have a little fun ;)

  2. I consider picking up Lego's a form of lunges and count it as exercise!