Thursday, March 13, 2014


We got pummeled with snow yesterday to the point where John had the day off from school and a 2-hour delay today AND I got the night off from work since the 2nd shift guy wasn't able to drive home and they didn't want me to worry about having to get there last night and then back out this morning. Darn good thing, too! We REALLY got slammed with heavy white stuff!
Instead of having to walk through this to the bus stop, I got to go to bed!

Yesterday was the start of the Shrinking Jeans Spring Into Action Challenge. We're doing teams this time and I already love mine even though we didn't know each other at all until we were actually going "EEK! Who else still needs a team???" on Facebook. One of the first tasks was to weigh-in ... with a picture of the scale. It's been a while since I've shared a scale pic ... and it might be a while before I do so again ...

We had to come up with our own mini-challenge for the week for our team and we've decided to each pick our "thing" to cut. For me it's white grains -- pasta, white rice, bread. Really, the only white bread I ever have are sandwich rolls but the pasta and rice? That'll be tough. It's not called a "challenge" for nothing, right?


  1. awww pretty painted toesies! Yeah on the challenge, I think it will be good for you. :)