Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And so it begins!

I'm officially low-carbing now. My macros on MyFitnessPal are set for LCHF. My fridge and freezer are stocked with noms that should, I hope, get me through to the next grocery trip. My BodyMedia subscription has been renewed and my beloved Bugg strapped back on.

So far so good!

Actually, so far so awesome.

Typically I wake up from my pre-work nap exhausted ... and, often, after hitting the snooze on my phone alarm once or twice (at which point Tom comes to bust me out of bed). Then I down a bunch of coffee and a handful of Tylenol and meander to work where I make a half-hearted attempt to not devour all the pastries and candy in our little store.

Monday I woke up before the alarms. No need for Tylenol. No peanut butter cup attacks at work. Not even a Diet Coke (or three). Yeah, there has been copious amounts of coffee .... but I love coffee. That won't stop. Ever.

I even did over 21 miles on the recumbent bike!!! (I totally didn't mean to. I started to pedal while watching the latest Da Vinci's Demons ... then decided to give Penny Dreadful a try ... and the next thing I knew my butt hurt and the display read 21.02!)

Already thinking about what I might want to bring to work for food Tuesday night. And Wednesday. And Thursday.....