Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another one bites the dust ... for now ...

I had to cross a book off The Reading Plan today. I had gotten almost to the half way point of it and realized that I was only reading every nth sentence and still could figure out what was going to happen umpteen pages in advance. Add to that the fact that it made me beyond drowsy which is not a good thing when the majority of reading is done on the way to work or at work. So we're moving on and I'll either try the book again at some point or pawn it off on someone else.

Speaking of moving on ... tomorrow (well, in ten minutes or so) May starts and with that a couple of new challenges! One of them is on MyFitnessPal and is going to be based around Harry Potter (details are still up in the air right now) ... and the other is with some of my Shrinking Jeans Facebook peeps and is all about racking up as many miles as we can. I fell short of my 200 miles for April by a bit but that's okay. I hadn't thought of the exhausting week that was John's Spring Break when I came up with the number.

Other May goals? Sticking with the LCHF. Reading. Sleeping. Dusting off the balance board for the Wii (now that I finally have the floor of the playroom cleared enough to use it). Fun stuff like that.

How about you? Any big (or not so big) goals in mind?

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  1. I hate it when a book turns out not to be what you thought it would be.

    Harry Potter Challenge?? Like what??

    I'm getting ready to write about my goals... I actually slept last night lol