Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#AprilGoals for #sisterhoodshots and other fun stuff

2-ish hours left to my work night! Unfortunately, I had originally thought, I had gotten the large majority of my actual "work" done early which left me with my iPad, Facebook, my cell phone, and my FiloFax to amuse me. SO I watched the latest Biggest Loser Australia, debated starting a new-to-me series on Amazon Prime, wasted time playing silly games on Facebook, marked another book on The Reading Plan as done (and tweaked the list so, for a change, I'll be marathoning the series instead of spreading them out), and contemplated what my goals for April will actually be. I even made new pages for thee ol' FiloFax. (#AprilGoals is today's #sisterhoodshots prompt so that worked out nicely.)

That, of course, was the easy part. That hard part was actually getting decent goals down. I had already figured out that I'm going to shoot for 200 miles on the recumbent (which is finally becoming a happy place again), but really hadn't thought of what else I want to try and accomplish. It actually took a while, but I finally decided on:
* 200 miles on the recumbent
* at least 2 days of Wii Fit per week
* make/take lunch for work every night
* read (at least) 30 minutes every day
* limit grains to one meal per day

Fingers crossed!!!


  1. Great goals! I'm feeling inspired to set some of my own, thank you..... off to think on it.

  2. Very doable goals! Yeah! Now if only my ass would get bck on track. So far so good today so I have to keep that momentum going.

  3. Great goals!! I need to make some... maybe I will stick with them. Curious why your Filofax looks thinner than mine? Mine is super stuffed....