Tuesday, April 22, 2014


There's been actual progress! No ... not on the scale ... that still hates me. The tape measure does, too. I HAVE, however, made it to book #19 on The Reading Plan and I think I'm mentally in a better place than I have been in a while. Of course, this is Hell Week with John being on Spring Break and, thus, me not getting much in the way of sleep. By Friday morning I might resemble a zombie.

We have no real concrete plans for the week. The baseball game happened Saturday and he made it over half-way through the game before wanting to head over to the "Family Fun Zone" they have with bounce house & such. He did walk away from the game with a free plush mascot and blanket and got some cute pictures with the two mascots before the game. I was kinda bummed that the game wasn't more exciting for him ... but, to be honest, the game wasn't that exciting. (It probably would have helped if both teams didn't kinda suck.)

It's supposed to be pretty rainy most of the week so there won't be much outside activity to be had. We did, though, just start reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and we have a million and a half Wii games to play and even if he decides he doesn't want to play one of the more active Wii games I'll still be able to get some exercise in since my old recumbent bike is in his play room -- right in front of the Wii. (I pulled off over 13 miles on it Monday, in fact!)

Of course, I'm still hoping to eek out at least a little nap here and there. Having to go all week waiting to sleep until Tom gets home from work would more than blow. Also going to blow? This week's weighin since I normally do it after my nap. Ah well. The scale hates me anyway. Why should this week be any different, right?

But really, though, mentally I'm feeling more optimistic in spite of the scale and the upcoming exhaustion. Really. And if I say it enough times now maybe my zombie self will look back further in the week and not want to drown myself in a pint (or five) of Ben & Jerry's.


  1. I'm sending positive thoughts your way! Try to get sleep as much as you can! Zombies are scary....

  2. Feeling optimistic is a great thing! It can be enough to get you through the next rough patch. You can do this... and do it without ice cream ;)