Friday, May 30, 2014

"I'll be sticking with LCHF, then, indefinitely ... "

Yeah, I said it. Just three days ago. But .... "indefinitely" doesn't necessarily mean "exclusively."

(It's okay ... go ahead ... scratch your head a bit and ask yourself "What the HELL???")

I think I'll be giving Carb Cycling a try (a la Chris & Heidi Powell) to see if it can help kick my metabolism into gear some. It's been screwed for quite some time and the lower calories that's been coming with the LCHF hasn't been helping any. After that first big dump o' water weight I've dropped nothing but my energy level. Right now I'm thinking their Turbo Plan because it'll give me 4 low carb days ... and hopefully enough oomph to be able to feel like getting to my mind palace (aka my recumbent bike) again.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

About this whole LCHF thing ... again ...

I love the groups I've found on Facebook about LCHF. I really do. BUT ... they get a bit overwhelming with all of the BPCs and Fat Bombs and Egg Fasts and Fat Fasts and Intemittent Fastings and ... I feel like my brain is just going to explode. They all have their positives, of course, but whatever happened to just eating?

I know that there are certain things my body is horribly unhappy with me over when I eat them. The SAD ("Standard American Diet") is not a happy thing for me. Carbs make me feel like crap. Whether they're "good carbs" or "bad carbs" doesn't seem to matter a smidge. If I have too many of them I don't exist well.

I actually thought about egg fasting since almost everyone seems to be talking about it. As you know, I love the little things. A lot. BUT I love my eggs with veggies and steak and things that aren't "allowed." Pooh on that idea! If I ever DO do it, it'll be done with a whole lot of tweaks.

I thought about intermittent fasting but how the hell do I do that when 4 nights a week I'm up all night and then sleep as much as possible during the day? Meh. Too much mental angst trying to figure it out. I think I'll just eat when I eat and fast when I sleep.

I have NOT thought about trying BPC. Just ... no. I love my coffee. It's been hard enough switching to just cream in it instead of the flavored creamers and even THAT only happens when I happen to remember to grab it at the store when they happen to have some on the shelf (which doesn't appear to be very often -- so it's typically good ol' half n half or light cream). I love butter but it just doesn't belong in coffee. At least, it doesn't belong in mine.

Fat bombs? Still up in the air on the subject. I'm not about to go rushing out and buying a ton of coconut oil for them when I don't even like coconut and it doesn't seem to like me much, either.

I'll be sticking with LCHF, then, indefinitely ... but not the faddy/gimmicky/"cram as much fat down your carb-free-pie-hole as you can in concentrated quantities" version. It won't be vLCHF of just 5-10 grams of carbs daily since 1) I'm not about to spend precious time worrying about whether I'm in or out of ketosis and precious money on pee sticks or blood do-dads to check and 2) I could easily wipe out all 10 grams just with cheese and veggies for one meal. 50 is a nice number and, according to most sites I've seen, could still keep me in ketosis (if I ever decide to give a damn about that). It's higher than what most in the groups seem to be doing but it'll still be "LCHF" since the SAD would have me over 300g easily ... and feeling sick as all hell ...

Wow. You're still sitting there reading this? Color me impressed! (I'm not sure *I'D* still be here if it wasn't for the fact that I'm the one typing!)

ANYWAY now that I'm starting to bore myself with my rambling I'll go back to watching Call Me Fitz and counting down the last hour and a half of my shift ...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Egg-stremely satisfied!

Becka will probably get all skeeved out over this post because eggs, well, skeeve her out .... but that's definitely not the case for me! I love love LOVE eggs and always have. I happen to also live in a house full of egg lovers so it's almost unheard of for us to not have a couple dozen (or more) in our fridge at all times. Thanks to this new W.O.E I'm learning even more amazing ways to use eggs and there have been more than one instance when, without even thinking about it, I've ended my day just to realize that all I've ingested are eggs, butter, cheese, cream & coffee (and water ... lots and lots of water).

In case you were wondering (and because, really, I need a good amount of recovery time after watching the Supernatural season finale so have nothing better to do), here's some of my favorite ways to scarf down eggs:

* The Basic: Toss them in a pan with melted butter and fry 'em up. I like to keep the yolks a little runny and often toss a half ounce (or more) of cheese on top. Our dog is allergic to cheese and adding it to everything cuts down on the begging ;)

* Philly Cheesesteak Eggs: Cook up some sandwich steaks (like Steak-Umms) and then after taking those out of the pan toss the eggs in. The fat from the steaks gets sucked right into the eggs and omnomnom! Eggs & steaks go in a dish with cheese (I typically use provolone), peppers, onions, mushroom bits (veggies sometimes cooked first - sometimes not) ... sometimes some mayo if I'm feeling extra indulgent.

* Cook 'Em Hard: Your easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy hard cooked egg. I know some people are hard boiled challenged ... and so am I ... which is why I have one of these:
Hard cooked eggs have never been easier!!! Now, I've had mine for a decade or more and the particular model is pretty hard to find but Amazon has a ton of options (and yes, the links are affiliate links).

* Egg Salad: I'm ashamed to say that I made my first ever egg salad just last week. A little mayo, a little mustard (of the spicy brown variety for us) and a lot of yum.

* Devil 'Em: If I'm not just going to pop the hard cooked egg in my trap whole I LOVE a good deviled egg! Sometimes I mix the yolk with mustard, sometimes with ranch. Occasionally I'll mix in some shredded cheese. Maybe even some bacon bits. This reminds me ... I need to find my deviled egg trays and make sure they're clean in time for John's birthday party in a couple of weeks ...

Of course, now thinking about deviled eggs has me thinking about Supernatural again and, therefore, pie ... or, in the egg's case, QUICHE!

*  Oh, heck ... just go pick one out for yourself ... there are far too many recipes out there to pick just one to post and most of the time I don't even use a recipe except to check on timing. I like to wing it ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


That's what time it is here. I'm at work (of course) and should be folding the sheets overflowing in the laundry trolley next to me but ... eh ... I hate it and don't wanna. So instead I'm here rambling to no one in particular.

The weekend was okay overall. Nice 3 mile-ish walk with my son to the Dollar Tree on Saturday for birthday party supplies. I really wasn't expecting him to make it without complaining but he did great ... until his medicine started to fade. Luckily we weren't too far from home at that point so there were no casualties or tears shed. This morning I logged in another 5 miles to get some random groceries and some sweatpants for my boy (or "cozy pants" as he calls them).

Still doing well, I think, with the LCHF. I didn't weigh after throwing myself out of bed Monday. I hit the last pill in my strip and didn't feel like seeing how mean my uterus is going to be to me. The good news is that for the first time in a long time I haven't been getting slammed with horrible cramps leading up to it. I honestly can't remember the last time I came to the end of a strip without feeling like I wanted to carve my innards out with a rusty spoon. Maybe I'll brave the scale in a couple of days.

15 minutes wasted and the laundry still sits there. If it was a towel night I wouldn't care so much. Towels are easy peasy lemon squeezey. But oooooh no. It's sheet night and, from the looks of it, we got a new shipment of fitted sheets in that need to get ready for use. I hate fitted sheets.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday? Really?

I'm SO sorry I haven't posted much this past week. Things have been a little crazed trying to get my head more firmly wrapped around this new woe ("way of eating") and such. I'm loving it, though ... and absolutely loving the results! Had a pretty remarkable conversation with John about it all yesterday. I posted on a couple of the Facebook groups I'm on but in case you aren't also on them you wouldn't have seen so here it is:
So ... LCHF life is being good to me. I have gone back to MyFitnessPal in order to keep track of my Macros (click HERE to friend me there if you want). Yeah ... I lasted a whole day without MFP. BUT I'm paying less attention to the calories and really only paying attention to the pie chart. The day I made my new account was last Saturday and my initial weighin for it was 212. One week later of more strictly following LCHF and today weighed in at 207.4 -- 4.6 pounds in one week!!!

Oh, and I ordered an ice cream maker last night using my Ginny's credit and hopefully when it arrives it'll be awesome. Ice cream will always be a great love for me ... I just need to figure out how to make it better for me!

Hopefully I'll get around to posting more frequently this week. And exercising. Haven't done that much this week, either ...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Screw you, Low-Carb Flu!

Yeah - I'm one of the unlucky ones who got hit by the low-carb/keto flu. HORRIBLE headache for almost 48 hours. Couldn't focus worth crap on stuff like reading (hence, another book crossed over the reading plan ... not sure if it was the fog-brain or the fact that it's just not as good as the first book in the series was. Whatever.). Felt like sleeping ALL. THE. TIME. And then someone pointed out the idea that I may not be getting adequate sodium intake to make up for how freaking much I pee now. Uh. Okay. A bit of broth and bouillon later and I'm back in action! I even woke up early from my post-work nap and took a walk instead of rolling back over and getting more sleep. Okay, granted, I woke up early because of my bladder but .... whatever. Now I'm freaking out the cat because I'm dancing around and singing along with the Black Eyed Peas on my ipod which, of course, he can't hear because I've got my earbuds in. (Yes, I'm dancing in the desk chair as I type, too.) As soon as I hit publish I'm going to go cook up some of the crapton of chicken I just bought so it'll be easier to grab and go when needed ... singing and dancing the whole time, probably.
Poor Cheerio ....

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The good, the frustrating and the (quite literally) holy f***ing sh*t!

The Good: I've been feeling (for the most part) phenomenal. The weather's gorgeous. I ate really REALLY yummy food at work.

The Frustrating: The book I just finished reading I have on my Kindle app as part of a three book bundle (it was book #2 in the series) ... and I accidentally went right into reading the third book instead of staggering the series and going on to the ACTUAL next book on The Reading Plan. (Real glad that blog posts are easy to edit!)

The Holy F***ing Sh*t: I've been drinking a LOT of herbal tea at work this week. Changed purses last night and forgot to switch my tea bags over and the stash at work has been depleted. I grabbed a can of Diet Coke instead and within minutes of finishing it my body decided that it was going to try and purge me of the nasty chemical crap. Over and over and over again. Got home, popped some Pepto tablets and hopefully will be able to sleep it off so I can then wake up a little early to go to the grocery store before John gets off the bus this afternoon. I would go now (did I mention it's GORGEOUS here today?) but I fear being too far between bathrooms. Dangnabbit.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A kink in my plans

I hate it when I have all these plans for what to do on my downtime at work and then don't get to do them for whatever reason!

Plan 1: Catch up on Orphan Black, Da Vinci's Demons, and start watching Turn.
Plan 1 Obstacle: Obnoxious guest using the computer in the lobby (and, knowing her, she will be for hours). The noise from anything around her is "bothersome" so I have to wait until she finally goes to bed.

Plan 2: Load up the recipes pages in my FiloFax with LCHF ideas.
Plan 2 Obstacle: My FiloFax is still sitting at home on my desk. D'oh! I could, I suppose, copy/paste/print onto some of my FiloFax templates and then just cut them and punch them when I get home ... but I actually prefer copying the recipes out by hand. I'm weird like that. Oh yeah. And I can't actually access the templates on the new work computers because I can't download the program I used onto them. Fudgemonkeys.

Plan 3: Play with menu plans.
Plan 3 Obstacle: My menu pad is sitting under my FiloFax. At home. On my desk. Again, I could still do it and then just copy stuff over when I get home... but then I wouldn't be able to whine about it now.

Normally so many kinks and such would drive me right to the little store here in the lobby with all the pastries and candy bars and pints of ice cream. I guess it's progress that I'm not really interested in any of it. That's something good to come of it all, right?

We used to plan John's school lunches with a roll of a die so I decided to make one for MY planning! 
The sides read Tuna, Beef, Eggs, Ham, Sausage, & Poultry 

AND I found free FiloFax templates so I may be able to get something accomplished after all!