Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A kink in my plans

I hate it when I have all these plans for what to do on my downtime at work and then don't get to do them for whatever reason!

Plan 1: Catch up on Orphan Black, Da Vinci's Demons, and start watching Turn.
Plan 1 Obstacle: Obnoxious guest using the computer in the lobby (and, knowing her, she will be for hours). The noise from anything around her is "bothersome" so I have to wait until she finally goes to bed.

Plan 2: Load up the recipes pages in my FiloFax with LCHF ideas.
Plan 2 Obstacle: My FiloFax is still sitting at home on my desk. D'oh! I could, I suppose, copy/paste/print onto some of my FiloFax templates and then just cut them and punch them when I get home ... but I actually prefer copying the recipes out by hand. I'm weird like that. Oh yeah. And I can't actually access the templates on the new work computers because I can't download the program I used onto them. Fudgemonkeys.

Plan 3: Play with menu plans.
Plan 3 Obstacle: My menu pad is sitting under my FiloFax. At home. On my desk. Again, I could still do it and then just copy stuff over when I get home... but then I wouldn't be able to whine about it now.

Normally so many kinks and such would drive me right to the little store here in the lobby with all the pastries and candy bars and pints of ice cream. I guess it's progress that I'm not really interested in any of it. That's something good to come of it all, right?

We used to plan John's school lunches with a roll of a die so I decided to make one for MY planning! 
The sides read Tuna, Beef, Eggs, Ham, Sausage, & Poultry 

AND I found free FiloFax templates so I may be able to get something accomplished after all! 


  1. very very true! When you figure out your plans (meal) please share. I am always nosey. Or you could make me a bookmark list of your fav tumblr sites. Luv you!

  2. I love the dice idea!! Very cool

  3. How cool! I love the dice idea!