Tuesday, May 27, 2014

About this whole LCHF thing ... again ...

I love the groups I've found on Facebook about LCHF. I really do. BUT ... they get a bit overwhelming with all of the BPCs and Fat Bombs and Egg Fasts and Fat Fasts and Intemittent Fastings and ... I feel like my brain is just going to explode. They all have their positives, of course, but whatever happened to just eating?

I know that there are certain things my body is horribly unhappy with me over when I eat them. The SAD ("Standard American Diet") is not a happy thing for me. Carbs make me feel like crap. Whether they're "good carbs" or "bad carbs" doesn't seem to matter a smidge. If I have too many of them I don't exist well.

I actually thought about egg fasting since almost everyone seems to be talking about it. As you know, I love the little things. A lot. BUT I love my eggs with veggies and steak and things that aren't "allowed." Pooh on that idea! If I ever DO do it, it'll be done with a whole lot of tweaks.

I thought about intermittent fasting but how the hell do I do that when 4 nights a week I'm up all night and then sleep as much as possible during the day? Meh. Too much mental angst trying to figure it out. I think I'll just eat when I eat and fast when I sleep.

I have NOT thought about trying BPC. Just ... no. I love my coffee. It's been hard enough switching to just cream in it instead of the flavored creamers and even THAT only happens when I happen to remember to grab it at the store when they happen to have some on the shelf (which doesn't appear to be very often -- so it's typically good ol' half n half or light cream). I love butter but it just doesn't belong in coffee. At least, it doesn't belong in mine.

Fat bombs? Still up in the air on the subject. I'm not about to go rushing out and buying a ton of coconut oil for them when I don't even like coconut and it doesn't seem to like me much, either.

I'll be sticking with LCHF, then, indefinitely ... but not the faddy/gimmicky/"cram as much fat down your carb-free-pie-hole as you can in concentrated quantities" version. It won't be vLCHF of just 5-10 grams of carbs daily since 1) I'm not about to spend precious time worrying about whether I'm in or out of ketosis and precious money on pee sticks or blood do-dads to check and 2) I could easily wipe out all 10 grams just with cheese and veggies for one meal. 50 is a nice number and, according to most sites I've seen, could still keep me in ketosis (if I ever decide to give a damn about that). It's higher than what most in the groups seem to be doing but it'll still be "LCHF" since the SAD would have me over 300g easily ... and feeling sick as all hell ...

Wow. You're still sitting there reading this? Color me impressed! (I'm not sure *I'D* still be here if it wasn't for the fact that I'm the one typing!)

ANYWAY now that I'm starting to bore myself with my rambling I'll go back to watching Call Me Fitz and counting down the last hour and a half of my shift ...


  1. Oh my gosh! Isn't it just crazy all the things they talk about?? I can't keep up sometimes! I'm with you, I just keep my carbs low and my fat high, and go from there. As for BPC? I drink coffee with 4 oz of hwc and 2 tbsp of Torani's SF flavored syrups. Tastes pretty damn good! And I hate coffee. ;) Way to stay the course!

  2. So the BCP thing is gross! Butter does not belong in coffee! Ever! I've done the intermittent fasting, with good weight loss results. But it was easier in the summer when I could have a huge salad and still be under 500 calories. But I was too tired to work out or run on those days, so I found that too hard to sustain. Good luck with the LCHF I hope it works for you.

  3. Lol sorry!! Not 4 oz of hwc, 4 tbsp! Which would be 1/4 cup or 2 oz. :) sorry!!!

  4. Have you tried flavored sugar free syrups in your coffee? Maybe that with hwc would remind you of your creamer.