Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Egg-stremely satisfied!

Becka will probably get all skeeved out over this post because eggs, well, skeeve her out .... but that's definitely not the case for me! I love love LOVE eggs and always have. I happen to also live in a house full of egg lovers so it's almost unheard of for us to not have a couple dozen (or more) in our fridge at all times. Thanks to this new W.O.E I'm learning even more amazing ways to use eggs and there have been more than one instance when, without even thinking about it, I've ended my day just to realize that all I've ingested are eggs, butter, cheese, cream & coffee (and water ... lots and lots of water).

In case you were wondering (and because, really, I need a good amount of recovery time after watching the Supernatural season finale so have nothing better to do), here's some of my favorite ways to scarf down eggs:

* The Basic: Toss them in a pan with melted butter and fry 'em up. I like to keep the yolks a little runny and often toss a half ounce (or more) of cheese on top. Our dog is allergic to cheese and adding it to everything cuts down on the begging ;)

* Philly Cheesesteak Eggs: Cook up some sandwich steaks (like Steak-Umms) and then after taking those out of the pan toss the eggs in. The fat from the steaks gets sucked right into the eggs and omnomnom! Eggs & steaks go in a dish with cheese (I typically use provolone), peppers, onions, mushroom bits (veggies sometimes cooked first - sometimes not) ... sometimes some mayo if I'm feeling extra indulgent.

* Cook 'Em Hard: Your easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy hard cooked egg. I know some people are hard boiled challenged ... and so am I ... which is why I have one of these:
Hard cooked eggs have never been easier!!! Now, I've had mine for a decade or more and the particular model is pretty hard to find but Amazon has a ton of options (and yes, the links are affiliate links).

* Egg Salad: I'm ashamed to say that I made my first ever egg salad just last week. A little mayo, a little mustard (of the spicy brown variety for us) and a lot of yum.

* Devil 'Em: If I'm not just going to pop the hard cooked egg in my trap whole I LOVE a good deviled egg! Sometimes I mix the yolk with mustard, sometimes with ranch. Occasionally I'll mix in some shredded cheese. Maybe even some bacon bits. This reminds me ... I need to find my deviled egg trays and make sure they're clean in time for John's birthday party in a couple of weeks ...

Of course, now thinking about deviled eggs has me thinking about Supernatural again and, therefore, pie ... or, in the egg's case, QUICHE!

*  Oh, heck ... just go pick one out for yourself ... there are far too many recipes out there to pick just one to post and most of the time I don't even use a recipe except to check on timing. I like to wing it ;)


  1. I'm not a huge egg fan, but I do enjoy egg salad or deviled eggs!

  2. I can do deviled eggs or (a very little) egg salad. I want to try oopsie bread... maybe an egg salad sandwich on that would be good ;)

    I really wish I knew why eggs squick me out though! I used to like them a lot. :-/

  3. Those Philly Cheesesteak Eggs sound amazing!!!