Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday? Really?

I'm SO sorry I haven't posted much this past week. Things have been a little crazed trying to get my head more firmly wrapped around this new woe ("way of eating") and such. I'm loving it, though ... and absolutely loving the results! Had a pretty remarkable conversation with John about it all yesterday. I posted on a couple of the Facebook groups I'm on but in case you aren't also on them you wouldn't have seen so here it is:
So ... LCHF life is being good to me. I have gone back to MyFitnessPal in order to keep track of my Macros (click HERE to friend me there if you want). Yeah ... I lasted a whole day without MFP. BUT I'm paying less attention to the calories and really only paying attention to the pie chart. The day I made my new account was last Saturday and my initial weighin for it was 212. One week later of more strictly following LCHF and today weighed in at 207.4 -- 4.6 pounds in one week!!!

Oh, and I ordered an ice cream maker last night using my Ginny's credit and hopefully when it arrives it'll be awesome. Ice cream will always be a great love for me ... I just need to figure out how to make it better for me!

Hopefully I'll get around to posting more frequently this week. And exercising. Haven't done that much this week, either ...


  1. Way to go!!! This is totally awesome! Even for not exercising, you did great!!

    I'm going to start LCHF on Monday, and I can't wait! I would start now, but I'm going to have sushi one last time and then we are going to the Renaissance Fair tomorrow, and I don't want to think about it lol. But I'm super excited for it!

  2. Post how your ice cream turns out when you make it, and pics!