Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The good, the frustrating and the (quite literally) holy f***ing sh*t!

The Good: I've been feeling (for the most part) phenomenal. The weather's gorgeous. I ate really REALLY yummy food at work.

The Frustrating: The book I just finished reading I have on my Kindle app as part of a three book bundle (it was book #2 in the series) ... and I accidentally went right into reading the third book instead of staggering the series and going on to the ACTUAL next book on The Reading Plan. (Real glad that blog posts are easy to edit!)

The Holy F***ing Sh*t: I've been drinking a LOT of herbal tea at work this week. Changed purses last night and forgot to switch my tea bags over and the stash at work has been depleted. I grabbed a can of Diet Coke instead and within minutes of finishing it my body decided that it was going to try and purge me of the nasty chemical crap. Over and over and over again. Got home, popped some Pepto tablets and hopefully will be able to sleep it off so I can then wake up a little early to go to the grocery store before John gets off the bus this afternoon. I would go now (did I mention it's GORGEOUS here today?) but I fear being too far between bathrooms. Dangnabbit.


  1. It's crazy what you body does when it gets used to having crap. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. uht oh! I hope your feeling better! How do you drink your tea? Hot cold sweetener? I need to work on cutting out soda more

    1. Feeling some better, finally! And I drink it hot with no sweetener ... but I pretty much only drink the fruity varieties and feel they're sweet enough as is. Tom is now hooked on Lipton's Green Citrus Iced Tea, though, and he used to be a Monster addict.