Friday, June 27, 2014

Blogging in my head

Apparently that's all I've done this week -- blogged in my head. Hrmph. I really thought that I had done something more than that but apparently not!

It's been a decent week. Lots of activity. Mostly decent eating. Nothing too terribly stressful going on. Finally finished the book I had wanted to finish by the end of this past weekend .... Thursday afternoon. According to my original plan I would have had several books in between this book and the next in the series but I decided that I couldn't wait so started Jeremy Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall on the bus tonight. It's the shortest book in the series so far (and, from what I've heard, the shortest of the twelve) so hopefully I'll fly through it.

I can't believe that it's almost July already! I've been thinking a lot about what I want out of the month:

* Onederland (preferably by my mom's birthday on July 21st)
* Logging my activity again on my google calendar (if you look at it now it looks like I haven't done a damn thing in a long time!)
* Wii Fit at least 3 times each week. I've been very hit or miss with it ... it being all the way upstairs and all. I'd also like to get back into doing something like Turbo Jam but I loaned my dvds to a friend eons ago and haven't seen them again (which I'm totally okay with even though I'd like to do them again). I may see what I can find on ebay or Amazon Marketplace.
* Continue with the carb cycling to some degree. I'm still currently set to have high carb days Wednesday & Saturday with a "reward day" on Sunday ... but I'm not quite sure I actually need two (potentially three) high days ... or even if I would do better with more and going every other day. Hrmph. Again.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

3 1/2 hours (or so) and I can crawl into bed and stay there ... until I have to get out in order to get John off the bus from school, of course. Then tonight? I get to sleep! ALL NIGHT!!! I'm using some of my Paid Time Off hours for the first time in the 14+ months I've worked here. After the past couple of days I need it! Tom's had some craziness going on at work which has kept him there a lot later than usual (and Friday will have him in earlier than usual, too) ... which means my pre-work naps have been cut short. I think I may need to invest in some Vitamin D supplements to help with the whole lack of sleep/lack of sunlight deal.After I get some sleep ...

I'm hoping to finish Demelza during my longer-than-usual weekend. You know, when I'm not sleeping. I've got 132 pages left so it's doable ... depending on what else might crop up. I could be reading now but I've stumbled upon the ability to watch Road to Avonlea on my ipad and got sucked in to that. There are, of course, far worse things to get sucked in to. I've got about 7 minutes left to the episode I'm watching now ... then maybe I'll read.

No, I'll refill my coffee. THEN maybe I'll be able to see straight enough to read! I'm feeling very much like this right now:

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another fun night ...

If, of course, you consider it to be "fun" to be so bored out of your mind that you can't think straight. I've got tons of stuff I could watch on my ipad ... I have a most excellent book sitting next to me that I could read ... but for some reason nothing interests me so I just sit here. Bored. Maybe I'll pop on some Sherlock ...

The scale today said 205.8 which, while only .2 down, still makes me giddy. Only 6 pounds to go til I'm back under 200!

Carb cycling is rough. I have a hard time remembering which day is supposed to be which -- even though I have the breakdown taped to my laptop at home. I also can't decide if I'm starting my days when I wake up to go to work ... or when I wake up after my nap AFTER work. When I wake up to go to work would probably make more sense. Maybe.

And just because ...

Thursday, June 12, 2014


I meant to post before now but, as per usual, life kinda got away from me for a bit.

The party was a HUGE success and if you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on FB you've probably seen the pictures. I felt like sleeping for days afterwards but that wasn't about to actually happen. In fact, so much other stuff HAS actually happened that aside from Sunday night I haven't gotten nearly as much sleep as I normally do! This week has totally sucked butt as far as working third shift goes because stuff keeps cropping up that HAS to get done during the day .... when I would normally be sleeping. Luckily there's only one more night of work for the week after this shift is done and then 3 nights of being able to go to bed early if I want to .... and staying there for a long long time.

The good thing about having been so busy the past few days has been that I've gotten quite a bit of walking in. I hate spending money on a bus when I could walk to wherever in a reasonable amount of time ... so pretty much all of my errands have been done by foot. Of course, the downside to that has been no time on thee ol' recumbent but maybe after I get in a good nap .... or two.

Weighed in this afternoon. Down another pound so I'm at 206. Publicly posted a one-month comparison shot on my personal FB wall on Monday at 207. "Only" 5 pounds difference from the previous picture but a significant difference in the shape of my body. I'm actually looking forward to the next comparison shots but I may wait until August and make it a 2-monther. We'll see!

Right now it's 1:20am. I get done here at 7am. Good lord I wish Tim Horton's delivered coffee .... (yeah -- we have a free coffee dispenser in the lobby at work but I could really go for some of Timmy's right now!)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Not quite a complete bust ... and Weekend Things

I did:
* make it to the store to pick up what (hopefully) will be the last of the food needed for the party
* get a bit of a nap before John got home ... and, of course, another one before coming in to work
* get the gift bags (now known as "Wizardry Kits") done
* attempt to start working on the toppers for the cupcakes (no idea if they're successful... I'll find out by Sunday, though!)

I didn't:
* do anything at all about the Chocolate Frogs photo op. I think if I get enough cute pictures at the party of the kids I'll just use those to make the cards after the fact with the template I linked to last time.
* stick to my pre-planned eating at all except for a banana and coffee. In fact, that banana and coffee (and half a can of diet coke) were all I had from the time I left work until the time I got to work.
* spend any time on the bike ... which was only a "maybe" to begin with

Tomorrow night (well, technically tonight) I have off so I won't be needing to go to bed quite so early in the evening ... so I've been thinking of my Things.

My Thing(s) for The Weekend

* Rest.
* I may swing into Rite Aid to see if they have any long glow sticks since I noticed before leaving the house tonight that one of the ones in the Wizarding Kits had been activated. I got the original batch at Dollar Tree but I don't know if I'll be willing to put off as much sleep as I would need to in order to go back there to get more. Rite Aid, however, is across the street from John's bus stop. I know they had some yesterday since I saw a guy carrying them around when I went in to buy the super expensive (for me, anyway) jelly beans ... but I don't know if they still will tomorrow.
* Eat. More than a banana and coffee. I did still hit my calories for the day Thursay since my "day" starts when I wake up AFTER work ... thanks to a couple of bunless cheeseburgers ... slathered in mayo. I brought a salad with me but my stomach was crying for more ... so the salad will be Friday. I'm pre-tracking again in hopes that I may actually stick to it.
* Pedal. I really want to pull off at least half an hour on the bike because I miss it. A lot. Maybe I'll read while I do. (I'm on the second book of Winston Graham's Poldark series now and since I have the next 3 nights off from work won't have my usual "read on the bus" time.)
* Rest. (Yeah. More.)
* Chocolate Frogs have got to get made. I only have one mold tray and will probably want more than it'll do so that means two batches at least ... plus setting time. I'll probably get the first batch started before John even heads off to school.
* Quidditch? Typically on Fridays John has an after school playdate with his friend, JJ. Maybe if we have one this week I'll try and get them to help me set up the hula hoops in the backyard for the party's "practice Quidditch Pitch" (inspired in part by - but not as complicated as - this post over here). JJ is significantly shorter than John so him being around will help when figuring out how high/low the hoops should be.

Saturday will be spent doing all sorts of cleaning (which may STILL be put off until Sunday morning crunch time -- the party isn't until 1pm, after all) and cake/cupcake baking. One of John's friends is gluten free so I have GFree cake mix AND brownie mix. I'm not sure if I'll do actual cupcake cupcakes or just a pan cake cut into small circles and individually frosted (which, somehow, struck me earlier as being an excellent idea). Saturday happens to be a High Carb Day so I'll get to do a little taste test to see if the gluten free mix works with canned pumpkin like "normal" mix does ... since that's what John wants for his cupcake/mini cakes/whatever. ***unless I can convince him to let me try house color layered cupcakes ... in which case we'll scrap the pumpkin***

Sunday, of course, is party day. It's entirely possible I'll get around to a wrap-up/overview/"how cool was this" after all is said and done and get it posted. Or we may all just collapse and I'll write it up Monday.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today's Thing

I have a thing. 
It's like a plan, but with more greatness.

About three hours from now I'll be seeing John get on the school bus and head off for the day. As soon as they pull away I'll be heading to the store to pick up yet more party/birthday things (I hope). Then back home to get as much of a nap as I can before he gets off the bus. After he gets off the bus we might do some cleaning ... although it might be better to put that off until Saturday or even Sunday morning. Maybe we'll tackle the treat bags instead (assuming I can find a massive amount of jelly beans at the only 2 stores I have any intention of going to today). 

If I'm feeling REALLY productive I might even try my hand at that photo op thing I was stressing over last night (I'd like to make a Chocolate Frog Famous Wizard/Witch Card frame for the kids to stand behind to get their pictures taken ... then, after the fact, I'd print them up and send them to school or wherever with John). Kinda like a large version of one of these:

Yes. I know I could just take pictures of the kids and then make the cards after the fact. That would be far too easy.

Not at all worried about food today since I already have it all planned out and logged and printed.

The walk to/from the intended stores will take care of the exercise. I may still hit the bike at some point. May not.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crazy days!

John's 8th birthday party is THIS SUNDAY!!! YIKES!!! There is still SO much to get done as far as cleaning and baking and preparing and I'm terrified that it won't get done or that I'll forget something important. It's not like this is his first birthday party ... it just seems so much more overwhelming this time. 

Why in the world I thought it would be a good idea to try a new diet plan NOW is totally beyond me. But ... I did. So far it hasn't been bad but so far I've pretty much been doing mostly low carb days like I have been but with the addition of a morning carb. Today is my first real high carb day (I've tweaked my macros after reading more so the carbs will be higher and the fats lower on high days.

And have I mentioned that I have to do treat bags for the party, too?

And I've had dreams of doing a special photo op set up deal for Sunday that likely won't happen.

And I'm kinda terrified about this whole carb cycling thing failing for me like every other damn thing I've tried to do.

And Sunday is supposed to be the hottest day of the week and I don't want the chocolate frogs to get all melty gross.

Oh yeah ... and I have to make chocolate frogs, too.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

About this Carb Cycling thing

Truth be told, I started looking into the idea of carb cycling for someone else and the more I read the more it looked like something that would help me with my energy woes (and make John's birthday party next weekend a bit more bearable!).

Guess what? Right now on Amazon the same book I'm using is on sale for the Kindle for only $2.99! (The hardcover is $24.99!!!)
You can also find a lot of the information on Chris's website if you want to take a peek at the basics before forking over the three bucks (and yes, that's an affiliate link so if you DO click and buy I'll make something like 20 cents). 
I have decided on the Turbo Cycle to start and I started yesterday after my weighin (208.2lbs ... boo!). Here's the basics for that from his website:

I am tweaking the plan in order to fit what I know works for me a bit. I'm actually tracking my Macros and calories on MyFitnessPal rather than using their technique of "palm," "fist," and "thumb" for portion sizes ... and I'm including more fat than they do because, well, fat works. To start, at least, for the low carb days I'm setting my Macros to 15% carb, 25% protein & 60% fat. For high carb I'm setting them at 40% carb, 20% protein & 40% fat. Yesterday was a high carb day for me and I came pretty darn close!

Right now the best part for me? Chris himself. I started freaking out over the thought of having to eat every 3 hours on the days that I work all night and am busy or sleeping all day .... so I posted a message on his Facebook wall. And he answered!!!

So now I'm working on a schedule for when to best eat/workout/sleep/whatever to be able to make this work the best I can. Just knowing that he actually pays attention and replies is amazing!

Technically today is supposed to be a reward day for me but I'm skipping it and making it a LC day instead, I think. I DID only just start yesterday, after all. NEXT Sunday I'll have my reward!