Sunday, June 1, 2014

About this Carb Cycling thing

Truth be told, I started looking into the idea of carb cycling for someone else and the more I read the more it looked like something that would help me with my energy woes (and make John's birthday party next weekend a bit more bearable!).

Guess what? Right now on Amazon the same book I'm using is on sale for the Kindle for only $2.99! (The hardcover is $24.99!!!)
You can also find a lot of the information on Chris's website if you want to take a peek at the basics before forking over the three bucks (and yes, that's an affiliate link so if you DO click and buy I'll make something like 20 cents). 
I have decided on the Turbo Cycle to start and I started yesterday after my weighin (208.2lbs ... boo!). Here's the basics for that from his website:

I am tweaking the plan in order to fit what I know works for me a bit. I'm actually tracking my Macros and calories on MyFitnessPal rather than using their technique of "palm," "fist," and "thumb" for portion sizes ... and I'm including more fat than they do because, well, fat works. To start, at least, for the low carb days I'm setting my Macros to 15% carb, 25% protein & 60% fat. For high carb I'm setting them at 40% carb, 20% protein & 40% fat. Yesterday was a high carb day for me and I came pretty darn close!

Right now the best part for me? Chris himself. I started freaking out over the thought of having to eat every 3 hours on the days that I work all night and am busy or sleeping all day .... so I posted a message on his Facebook wall. And he answered!!!

So now I'm working on a schedule for when to best eat/workout/sleep/whatever to be able to make this work the best I can. Just knowing that he actually pays attention and replies is amazing!

Technically today is supposed to be a reward day for me but I'm skipping it and making it a LC day instead, I think. I DID only just start yesterday, after all. NEXT Sunday I'll have my reward!


  1. This looks awesome! Thanks for following up for my question.

  2. Looks like you've got a good plan worked out!!

  3. bought it on kindle.. I was just looking at his site after watching his show