Friday, June 6, 2014

Not quite a complete bust ... and Weekend Things

I did:
* make it to the store to pick up what (hopefully) will be the last of the food needed for the party
* get a bit of a nap before John got home ... and, of course, another one before coming in to work
* get the gift bags (now known as "Wizardry Kits") done
* attempt to start working on the toppers for the cupcakes (no idea if they're successful... I'll find out by Sunday, though!)

I didn't:
* do anything at all about the Chocolate Frogs photo op. I think if I get enough cute pictures at the party of the kids I'll just use those to make the cards after the fact with the template I linked to last time.
* stick to my pre-planned eating at all except for a banana and coffee. In fact, that banana and coffee (and half a can of diet coke) were all I had from the time I left work until the time I got to work.
* spend any time on the bike ... which was only a "maybe" to begin with

Tomorrow night (well, technically tonight) I have off so I won't be needing to go to bed quite so early in the evening ... so I've been thinking of my Things.

My Thing(s) for The Weekend

* Rest.
* I may swing into Rite Aid to see if they have any long glow sticks since I noticed before leaving the house tonight that one of the ones in the Wizarding Kits had been activated. I got the original batch at Dollar Tree but I don't know if I'll be willing to put off as much sleep as I would need to in order to go back there to get more. Rite Aid, however, is across the street from John's bus stop. I know they had some yesterday since I saw a guy carrying them around when I went in to buy the super expensive (for me, anyway) jelly beans ... but I don't know if they still will tomorrow.
* Eat. More than a banana and coffee. I did still hit my calories for the day Thursay since my "day" starts when I wake up AFTER work ... thanks to a couple of bunless cheeseburgers ... slathered in mayo. I brought a salad with me but my stomach was crying for more ... so the salad will be Friday. I'm pre-tracking again in hopes that I may actually stick to it.
* Pedal. I really want to pull off at least half an hour on the bike because I miss it. A lot. Maybe I'll read while I do. (I'm on the second book of Winston Graham's Poldark series now and since I have the next 3 nights off from work won't have my usual "read on the bus" time.)
* Rest. (Yeah. More.)
* Chocolate Frogs have got to get made. I only have one mold tray and will probably want more than it'll do so that means two batches at least ... plus setting time. I'll probably get the first batch started before John even heads off to school.
* Quidditch? Typically on Fridays John has an after school playdate with his friend, JJ. Maybe if we have one this week I'll try and get them to help me set up the hula hoops in the backyard for the party's "practice Quidditch Pitch" (inspired in part by - but not as complicated as - this post over here). JJ is significantly shorter than John so him being around will help when figuring out how high/low the hoops should be.

Saturday will be spent doing all sorts of cleaning (which may STILL be put off until Sunday morning crunch time -- the party isn't until 1pm, after all) and cake/cupcake baking. One of John's friends is gluten free so I have GFree cake mix AND brownie mix. I'm not sure if I'll do actual cupcake cupcakes or just a pan cake cut into small circles and individually frosted (which, somehow, struck me earlier as being an excellent idea). Saturday happens to be a High Carb Day so I'll get to do a little taste test to see if the gluten free mix works with canned pumpkin like "normal" mix does ... since that's what John wants for his cupcake/mini cakes/whatever. ***unless I can convince him to let me try house color layered cupcakes ... in which case we'll scrap the pumpkin***

Sunday, of course, is party day. It's entirely possible I'll get around to a wrap-up/overview/"how cool was this" after all is said and done and get it posted. Or we may all just collapse and I'll write it up Monday.


  1. I vote that you collapse and rest after the party, we can wait for the write up till Monday! and I hope that you, but especially John, have a fabulous party!

  2. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you! You've been working on this for so long, you aren't going to know what to do after! Sunday agyer the party, you need to crash! Take a load off and worry about the right up later. We can patiently wait. :)

  3. You're going to rock it regardless of what does or doesn't get done :)