Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

3 1/2 hours (or so) and I can crawl into bed and stay there ... until I have to get out in order to get John off the bus from school, of course. Then tonight? I get to sleep! ALL NIGHT!!! I'm using some of my Paid Time Off hours for the first time in the 14+ months I've worked here. After the past couple of days I need it! Tom's had some craziness going on at work which has kept him there a lot later than usual (and Friday will have him in earlier than usual, too) ... which means my pre-work naps have been cut short. I think I may need to invest in some Vitamin D supplements to help with the whole lack of sleep/lack of sunlight deal.After I get some sleep ...

I'm hoping to finish Demelza during my longer-than-usual weekend. You know, when I'm not sleeping. I've got 132 pages left so it's doable ... depending on what else might crop up. I could be reading now but I've stumbled upon the ability to watch Road to Avonlea on my ipad and got sucked in to that. There are, of course, far worse things to get sucked in to. I've got about 7 minutes left to the episode I'm watching now ... then maybe I'll read.

No, I'll refill my coffee. THEN maybe I'll be able to see straight enough to read! I'm feeling very much like this right now:

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  1. Good call on using your paid time off! You deserve it.