Thursday, June 12, 2014


I meant to post before now but, as per usual, life kinda got away from me for a bit.

The party was a HUGE success and if you follow me on Instagram or we're friends on FB you've probably seen the pictures. I felt like sleeping for days afterwards but that wasn't about to actually happen. In fact, so much other stuff HAS actually happened that aside from Sunday night I haven't gotten nearly as much sleep as I normally do! This week has totally sucked butt as far as working third shift goes because stuff keeps cropping up that HAS to get done during the day .... when I would normally be sleeping. Luckily there's only one more night of work for the week after this shift is done and then 3 nights of being able to go to bed early if I want to .... and staying there for a long long time.

The good thing about having been so busy the past few days has been that I've gotten quite a bit of walking in. I hate spending money on a bus when I could walk to wherever in a reasonable amount of time ... so pretty much all of my errands have been done by foot. Of course, the downside to that has been no time on thee ol' recumbent but maybe after I get in a good nap .... or two.

Weighed in this afternoon. Down another pound so I'm at 206. Publicly posted a one-month comparison shot on my personal FB wall on Monday at 207. "Only" 5 pounds difference from the previous picture but a significant difference in the shape of my body. I'm actually looking forward to the next comparison shots but I may wait until August and make it a 2-monther. We'll see!

Right now it's 1:20am. I get done here at 7am. Good lord I wish Tim Horton's delivered coffee .... (yeah -- we have a free coffee dispenser in the lobby at work but I could really go for some of Timmy's right now!)

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  1. Great job on walking every where and losing another pound! I hope you get caught up on sleep. And the party looks like it was amazing!!