Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A week and a half left?

That's all that's left for July. A week and a half. SERIOUSLY??? I haven't totally screwed up the goals I set for the month but I've come pretty darn close. (Not to meeting them ... to totally screwing them up!) I don't do well with set goals. Never have. I think my goal for August is going to be to survive the month. That shouldn't be too difficult ... I hope.

Not a whole lot has been happening. New tattoo over the weekend. Watched lots of Food Network and old Road to Avonlea episodes. Slept. Read. Finished one book & started another. Spent some quality time with the recumbent. Same ol' same ol'.

Tuesday (technically today) isn't going to be easy. John's taking the day off from summer school so we can go out and about with some friends. I know it'll be fun but I'm going to be missing my post-work nap and will be absolutely beat by the time we get home. Pretty sure I'll be going to bed as soon as Tom gets home from work and, even then, may need a crowbar to get me out of bed in time to come back to work.

Beyond that I don't really know what this week will hold. I'll probably finish another book and watch a lot more Road to Avonlea. If the new tattoo starts feeling significantly better I hope to do some TurboJam and/or Wii Fit. It's right in the bend of my left arm so it makes things a bit difficult. Well worth a few unexpected days, off, though ...

My Whovian left arm. The sonic screwdrivers are the latest.


  1. I can't believe July is almost over as well! I'm pretty sure that I have completely missed my goals for this month. Enjoy your day!

  2. It feels like the months are going faster and faster towards the end of the year. This month just flew by! Love the new ink!!

  3. Love all the DW tats! HOpe you had a great weekend!