Monday, July 28, 2014

Maybe I'm not a slacker after all!

Have you ever felt like you haven't done much of anything at all? I have that feeling all the time ... but for July it seems those feelings are totally without reason! Granted, I haven't been doing TurboJam or my Wii Fit like I've wanted to (never EVER get a tattoo in the bend of your arm!) ... but check THIS awesomeness out:
(Of course, you can see this anytime you want to by clicking the Activity Accountability tab at the top)

My August Thing of doing the 1500in31 NoExcuses challenge isn't nearly as scary for me anymore. Even though John will be off school for most of the month so I'll be beyond exhausted, he is my biggest motivator and will get me up and moving even when I don't really want to. Plus there's his recent obsession with our public pool which ends up being a double workout thanks to the walk to/from and the actual pool time! I'll have to remember to start keeping track of the bike time as well as the bike mileage .... but, thankfully, even if I forget to check the clock display on the bike I'll be able to get a pretty close count from my BodyBugg.

Friday I'll be weighing and measuring and may even do a pre-1500 picture. The scale has been yo-yoing again this month (as per usual), but I'm not too bent out of shape over it. I've been danged active and I feel danged great about that!

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  1. "too hot to move". So glad you logged that. Seriously love it.

    But I love how awesome you have done! Get ready August, here comes Karen!