Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We've got this ...

Yesterday morning a friend of mine passed away after a short but horrible illness that had kept her in the hospital since early May. For years we've been talking about getting together and having our boys meet and play (her son is only a few of years younger than John so John would get to be the "big kid" for once) but something always came up that changed our plans. And now. My heart is breaking. She was my first real friend in high school and all of these years later there were still things I could say to her that I didn't really feel comfortable talking about with most. I just read through the past 5 1/2 years of private messages we sent back and forth on Facebook and I just can't wrap my head around there not being any more. No more trips down memory lane. No more "can you BELIEVE that just happened" over Biggest Loser episodes. She was in the hospital already when it was announced that Jillian quit ... again. Still there when they announced that two new trainers are joining the show. No more "aren't you kinda glad she got fat" over the skinny popular girls who always made us feel inadequate. No more "you've got to check out this workout/gadget/website." No more ... Jaye. In spirit, though, she's always going to be there with me. Every time I pop in TurboJam or find a new recipe or feel like all hope is lost I know I'll hear her in the background reminding me. We never let each other give up before. I know she's not going to let me now. We've got this.